The Kar Kaddy Is Every Tow Vehicle’s Dream

The Kar Kaddy™ SS is every tow vehicle’s dream and will tow almost any vehicle, large or small, without difficult, time consuming adjustments to axles or ramps. This means no bolts to tighten and no heavy components to reposition. With the tow dolly, your motor home stays in place while you go sightseeing, shopping or make that quick trip to the local grocery store. The KarKaddy SS is 133 inches long in towing position, and only 67 inches when folded!! Your car rides on the tow dolly suspension system so it does not get shaken as much as it would if towed with a tow bar. Also, most vehicles can be towed while minimizing the potential damage to the vehicles transmission or other systems. You do not need to go through the expense of installing lube oil systems on your towed vehicle even if it has an automatic transmission.

The DEMCO Kar Kaddy SS solves the storage problem by allowing the galvanized tongue and loading ramps to stow away to a mere 67 inches! The SS in the logo stands for Space Saver.

Demco introduced the “steerable axle” to the industry in 1982. This is still used today on the Kar Kaddy SS and allows for a tighter 15% turning radius, the tightest in the industry, that tracks directly behind the motor home. The feature provides less sliding and binding of the tires but ultimately the tracking of the unit wins over the competition. 

When the automobile is loaded, the tilt bed automatically latches. There is no need to reach underneath the car to manipulate a pin and the easy access ratchet handles allow the user to tie down the tires with ease. The Wheel Jack is featured as standard equipment on the Demco Kar Kaddy SS allowing the user unprecedented maneuverability when away from the RV. 

Need more space? Fold it!

  • Includes disc brakes.
  • Perfect solution for RV parks that are not deep enough to accommodate your motorhome and tow dolly.
  • Fully extended- 133 inches long.
  • Folded- 67 inches long.
  • Hydraulic surge brake system for safe and controlled stopping.
  • Chrome wheels with radial tires and dual safety chains.
  • Sealed bearing hubs with a 3-year unlimited warranty.
  • Less than 100 lbs. tongue weight when loaded, for improved ride and handling of tow vehicles.
  • Total towed vehicle weight: 4,800 lbs.
  • Axle capacity: 3,500 lbs.
  • Towed vehicle tread width: 42” minimum, 76” maximum.
  • Galvanized finish.
  • eZ-Latch coupler.

The galvanized finish on the DEMCO Kar Kaddy SS. This prevents rust and paint chips. LED lights and side markers, standard CHROME wheels and stylish mud flaps finish out the LOOK? of the Kar Kaddy SS. Just these features alone, set us apart from the competition. There is no need to worry about finish issues and the storage problem is solved.

DEMCO continues to offer a sealed hub and spindle backed by a 3-year warranty that is maintenance free. This is something every RVer with a tow vehicle will certainly appreciate! Come in to PPL Motor Homes today and take a look at the Kar Kaddy models for yourselves, you’ll love ’em!

To Pee or Not To Pee, That Is The Question

We all know the feeling. It usually starts with that little voice inside your head; “You shouldn’t have drank that whole 32oz. coffee. You know that means we are going to have to make an unscheduled pitstop”.

“Shut up brain, I’ll just think about something else. You don’t control me! And besides, there’s no need to start to panic, I’m we will roll up to a rest stop in about an hour, so you just sit back and enjoy the ride”, you think to yourself.

“Sure, sure, you just keep thinking that and I’ll just keep filling that tiny little bird bladder of yours and we’ll see how long it will take you to give in”, your devious brain silently retorts. Then it start to hit. You were warned and in no more than 10 minutes you feel like your bladder is about to perforate. At this point, you are likely putting on a good face, but praying that you see a rest stop, a gas station or some other facility that can help alleviate your discomfort. Then you have to say another prayer hoping that said facility doesn’t look like the inside of a subway station.

Now, I know that those of us who travel Texas we are reminded by at least 500 billboards across this great state that we you are likely closing in on a Texas treasure and bathroom break heaven, Buc-ee’s. As an added bonus, they boast the cleanest restroom facilities in Texas. I’d say that Texas travelers depend on Buc-ee’s and Buc-ee’s depends on us stopping for those clean bathrooms and filling up on snacks, pastries, drinks and gift items. Wish I had thought of their marketing plan.

However, not all RVers and travelers have this luxury so, when traveling outside Texas (far away from our beloved Buc-ee’s), we all watch for restaurants, fuel centers and parks that look clean, neat and safe. Little did I know until earlier this week that there is actually an app for your phone that will help you find clean restrooms. “THANK GOD!” Flush Toilet Finder is an app that helps you locate public restrooms on your journey.

Now, I know, you don’t have to say it, if you are traveling in a motorhome, this app may not be necessary. And quite honestly, many of us with travel trailers and fifth wheels will often forget that we have our bathrooms right there behind us all the time. Trust me, folks. When your brain is preoccupied with the very real stress of a bloated bladder, you forget stuff. Seriously, one of my favorite stories to tell is of my late husband and brother in law heading off to the deer lease and frantically looking for a restroom for several very, very long and painful minutes before that “AH-HA” moment hit. They were towing our camper and remembered they had their restroom with them. He almost didn’t tell me the story because of how silly he felt. I told him, when you’ve gotta’ pee, your brain is only concerned about finding a place to go…logic is usually ignored.

So, whether you’re traveling by RV, or auto or off on a sight seeing adventure by foot or bicycle, check out this app.

Is Full-Time RVing Right For You?

Photo by Fred Pflughoft, provided by Wyoming Travel & Tourism

It’s a dream that most of us RVers have. Selling all of our worldly possessions and heading out on the road full time. While it sounds like a great idea to many of us (including those here at PPL Motorhomes), it requires a lot of work and isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of factors you must take into account before you make the decision to live your live in an RV.


Being out on the road eliminates the possibility of having a career that requires you to come in to work everyday. The best options for a life on the road are internet-based careers, one that allows you to be anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection). Crafty RVers can make their products on the road and sell them online to fund their lifestyle. Photographers and painters are also a great example of being able to travel at all times and not be required to be in a specific place at a specific time.


Every RVer loves to travel. It’s in our blood. But after a certain amount of time, you begin longing for the normalcy of home. Living on the road, traveling is a daily occurrence and your RV is your home. There’s no going back. Make sure you’re committed to the lifestyle.


Obviously, if you have children who are in school, you should wait until they are out of school and off to college or out on their own. If you have a family member who is under your care or in constant need of medical access (dialysis, etc…), full time RVing is out of reach. The same goes for animals. Dogs can generally join you and will probably enjoy themselves immensely, but I have a hard time seeing a cat coming with you!

Sure, we all dream of hitting the road for good and visiting all of the places we wrote down on out bucket list, but it takes a lot of preparation and planning to get to the point where you can cut the strings that tie you down and make the road your home. Do you know of anyone who is a full time RVer? Do you think you could do it?


Why Do You RV?

We spend a crazy amount of time preparing to go RVing. For some of us, we spend as much time at our jobs as we do our hobbies. There’s a lot of preparation in taking our house on wheels across the state (or country) for a small amount of time. To people who don’


t understand the appeal of it, it can be hard to describe. For me, I enjoy getting out into nature, exploring places I’ve never been, and especially, the time with my family.

Getting away from the daily grind recharges all of my batteries and gives me something to look forward to. Think about it. When you know you’re going on vacation in a couple of days, doesn’t that affect your mood? The people I work with know when I’m gearing up for a big trip, because they can see it in my face and in my attitude. It’s a way for me to step back, enjoy some peace and quiet, away from the hectic day-to-day of life.

There are so many places, not only in Texas, but in the entire United States, that are wonderful places to go and unwind. The Grand Canyon, Big Bend, Mt. Rushmore, Moab, and those are some of the most popular ones. There are, literally, thousands of amazing parks, destinations and sights to see. Sure, I can make a trip up to Fredericksburg again, but I’ve already been there, a few times. I enjoy getting out on the road, going places I’ve never been and experiencing the unexpected sights and sounds of a new spot. That’s what life is all about! Get out and go exploring!

Of course, you can’t forget about the time spent with family. How often can you get your whole crew together for a weekend? Between opposing schedules at work, soccer practice, and teenagers who want nothing more than to be somewhere else, it’s good to create memories with your loved ones. Who knows when you won’t have that chance anymore? Make it a point to get everyone together as often as possible and enjoy each other’s company.

Why do you RV? What drives you to pack up clothes, food, family and fill up your gas tank for a trip in a house on wheels? Find us on Facebook and tell us!

How To Let Go of Your Beloved RV


As you know, in March of 2014 I purchased the sweetest little 2007 Roadtrek.  This became my little “gypsy mobile” and my way to escape.  You see, for years Mike and I had always pulled 5th wheels.  We had everything for all the family and our RV was the hub of entertainment at every campground on our travels.  I missed the lifestyle and knew I was destined to go RVing again.  My wonderful son-in-law told me I was welcome to just sleep on their sofa when we all went camping, but I knew that was not for me.  One evening, I was sitting at my desk and this beautiful gold Roadtrek had just been parked outside my window.  It was a beauty.  I looked at it and I knew it was love at first sight.  The next morning I became the proud owner of RV Nana 2!

Now, I am the crazy woman who had been car shopping for months and could not make a decision on a car, but I could buy an RV in 24 hours.  I called the owner to discuss the vehicle and immediately knew this RV had been treated with tender loving care.  He and his wife were so nice and he was so excited that I was going to take care of his baby.

Well, about 8 months ago I decided I needed a little larger RV and purchased a Winnebago View.  The two slides gave me so much more room and it had a real shower so I could travel to an industry event and have a place to shower and get dressed up for a business meeting or after ‘5 events if needed.  That is something very hard to do in the Roadtrek, although the Roadtrek was a great dressing room for my teen age grandkids in FFA when they were showing animals at the fairgrounds.   Everyone asked me if I was planning to sell the Roadtrek and I simply could not let go.  I had it in storage and would still take it out to camping events occasionally.  It only had 41K miles and I knew I had to make a decision to sell it or keep it.  I really think I was having trouble selling it because of the memories.  This RV had helped me at a time in my life when I needed healing.  It had been a part of me. 

Finally, the day had come.  I was at the airport headed off to our Cleburne location and I just knew the time was right.  I called my office and told them to put it on the market.  I had my dear friend and my COO at PPL deal with the pricing and everything from that point forward.  I was not going to negotiate or deal with it at all.

About 10 days ago, a call came in at the office asking if I was the owner of that Roadtrek because he wanted to talk to me.  As soon as I saw the name on the memo, I knew it was the original owner.  They had seen the RV on PPL’s site and wanted their baby back.  They had missed it and, although they have a Phoenix Cruiser, they wanted the Roadtrek.  We chatted for an hour or so and they realized I had taken good care of it, too.  We made arrangements for me to drive it to Cleburne where they would meet me.  They were from Oklahoma, so my Cleburne store was the halfway point.

We met and had the greatest couple of hours telling stories of our Roadtrek.  I knew this was the right thing to do.  They were excited and, after a few signatures, I handed them the keys and they drove off into the sunset. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few quiet tears.

Now, I’ve been here 37 years and I don’t recall ever hearing of a person buying their RV back because they missed it.  Who knows, in a year or so I may miss it and want it back again.  I know we will stay in contact and will likely meet at a campground in the next year for a fun weekend.  RV Nana 2 has been a huge chapter in my book of life!

If anyone has a similar story or can share the best ways to say “goodbye” to an old RV friend, we’d love to hear about it.

Independence Day – The Perfect Holiday for RVing

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 11.06.03 AM

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a perfect time of year to take my RV out and enjoy a few days with my family. But let’s not forget what exactly it is we’re celebrating. First, here’s your history lesson.

On July 2, 1776 the Second Continental Congress decided to legally separate the thirteen colonies from England. In order to explain that decision to the citizens of the thirteen colonies as well as justify their action to the crown, a Declaration Of Independence needed to be written. Five men were chosen to draft the declaration: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston. They wrote an amazingly detailed list of grievances as well as the very definition of “A Free Man” which is duplicated below:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Now here are a few other things to consider during the July 4th holiday:

dani matthew and mark july 4th

  • Safety First – The 4th of July is famous for campouts, boating, fireworks and fun and, with all of these events, there is a tendency to have a few drinks.  Keep in mind that the heat can play tricks on your body when combined with alcohol.  Take time to drink water in between the beers, wine and cocktails.  You have to keep yourself hydrated. This is easier to do when you keep alcohol consumption to a moderate amount.
  • Fireworks – Fireworks are fun, but it’s probably best to leave the fireworks shows to the professionals. In fact, most RV parks don’t allow fireworks on their grounds. Check with the RV park, county and city to make sure fireworks are legal.  Even innocent sparklers can cause a fire, so be very careful.
  • Fire Marshal – Appoint a designated fire marshal in your group.  This needs to be the person most likely to be sober and responsible for an emergency.  Keep in mind that it may not be a problem with the guests in your group, but this designated fire marshal needs to pay attention to all the surroundings.  We once had a couple light a dozen Tiki torches all around their campsite.  Needless to say, that wasn’t the safest of things to do.
  • First Aid – Make sure you have a complete first aid kit with you and hope you never need to use it.  It’s so much better to be prepared and uninjured than be injured and unprepared.
  • Dogs Need Comfort – Help your dog stay calm around the fireworks, too.  Our miniature beagle hated the sound of fireworks, so we would put her in the bathroom of the RV with the back AC running full blast and a radio playing our favorite songs to help muffle the sounds of the fireworks in the area.  It might not be enough to calm your pooch, but it worked for us every year! I knew she appreciated it.
  • Boat Safety – If you have your boat docked near the RV site, make sure the keys are locked in your RV.  The last thing you want is to have one of your fun friends decide to hop in and take a late night boat ride after a few too many drinks.  Aside from being extremely dangerous, you can also get in serious trouble with the law. Boating while impaired (BWI) carries the same stiff penalties as a DWI. You can’t afford to be careless.
  • Campfires – Campfires and S’mores are so much fun for the fourth and pretty much every camping trip.  Make sure small kids are supervised when they are close to the fire. Fire marshal, that’s your job!


OK, enough of the lecture, that’s the Nana coming out. What about the fun stuff? Not surprisingly, water activities are immensely popular!

  • Kids, young and old, like getting wet…even when they won’t admit they do.  Think of games to play that have water involved plan to get wet and cool off.
  • Water balloon toss. Just make sure you clean up your mess. The park workers have more important things to do than pick up hundreds of broken balloons.
  • Water guns are always fun and it’s also fun to catch people off guard.  Be careful that Aunt Martha doesn’t get her fancy hairdo all wet!
  • Have a water sponge fight – Fill two large buckets with wet sponges and have fun. Of course you can come up with your own version of the ice water dunk.
  • If the kids are a little bored, play the water bucket relay game.  Give each child a cup filled with water.  Place two empty buckets about 12 feet away from the start line and see which team can fill their bucket first.  The secret is that they have to balance the cup on their head while they walk to the bucket.  I think this could even be fun for adults…watch out for Aunt Martha’s hairdo!!!  Note, if you only have one, or two kids with you, just change the game to a timed event.  Have fun and keep cool.
  • Play the water balloon piñata game.  Trade out a piñata for hanging filled balloons.  Blindfold, give your kids a plastic bat and “go to town”! Again, clean up your messes! That’s just good park etiquette.


One final thought. As with any holiday, you can expect there to be plenty of holiday vacationers out and about. I can guarantee your normal RV camp will be packed with families looking to get away for the long weekend. Since you know that there’s going to be a glut of RVers, you should take that into consideration when traveling and shopping for your trip.

It’s a lot to remember, but try to keep all of this in mind over the holiday, especially the reason for the celebration. So, have fun, fly your American flag high and enjoy your July 4th weekend!

Vjeran Pavic/Flickr Creative Commons

Visit a Hidden Texas Beach Gem
John W. Schulze/Flickr Creative Commons

A lot of folks from out of state may find the Texas Gulf Coast a little underwhelming at times. You pick the wrong time of year and your favorite beach going spot might be covered in seaweed, or dead jellyfish, or tar balls…all the usual Texas beach killing suspects. But the reality is this: Texas is home to some mighty fine beach out there y’all. You can’t even compare the green blue water of south Texas with the silty brown water of east Texas. You see, we have hundreds and hundreds of miles of coast line, and I’d like to tell you a little secret about one spot.

We’ve discussed Port Aransas in previous posts. There are beautiful beaches, great seafood, all the aquatic activities you can handle, and they are a welcoming RV friendly bunch. The little known thing about Port Aransas though is that you can hop a 15 minute jetty boat ride to a secluded, pristine, beautiful, and 21 mile long barrier atoll. It’s called San Jose on the map, but locals call it St Jo’s.

What you need to do to get there is to pick a campsite somewhere nearby, plenty to choose from, and get yourself to Fisherman’s Wharf. Buy at ticket from the folks for the jetty boat, and they run all day long if you need to return without staying all day. Tickets are cheap and the boat runs starting at 6:30 am and then on the hour after that until 4pm, with the last boat departing St Jo’s at 6 pm. Everything you need to know about rates and schedule can be found right here!  Only 20 folks at a time can fit on the boat, so you’re more or less guaranteed a low number crowd at the beach, perfect for family picnics, or getting away from the family too!

Don’t forget to swing by our awesome website for all you RV Parts & Accessories!



RV Texas, Ya’ll



RV Nana, a native Texan, loves this great state.  From the mysterious lights of Marfa to the sandy beaches of South Padre, from majestic mountains in west Texas, to the awe-inspiring caverns in central Texas and, of course, who can forget the Alamo; there is so much to see and do.

Texas is a land of explorers, entrepreneurs, poets and opportunists. Regardless of who you are, it’s impossible to deny the formidable beauty of this great state and when you call Texas “home”, well, that gives you a certain amount of bragging rights. The greatest Texans knew this.

Texas will again lift it’s head and stand among the nations. It ought to do so, for no country upon the globe can compare with it in natural advantages. Sam Houston

You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas. Davy Crockett

Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called ‘walking.’ George W. Bush

When it comes to RVing, Texas is a RVer’s paradise! Mountains, plains, oceanic drives, slow country pace and a healthy dose of city livin’, Texas has it all. I recently talked to some new RV buyers at the Houston RV show and encouraged them to do Texas trips.  The topical geography is constantly changing and that means, just like the weather, if you don’t like the view, don’t worry, it’ll change.  I always like to take 3 hour RV weekends.  I can leave on a Friday afternoon and be back Sunday afternoon and still not feel like I’m driving my life away.
We have the history, we have the scenery and we have the friendlies. That all adds up to more miles of smiles. RV Texas!!!


An Inspiring Way To Stay In Shape While RVing

It’s not everyday that I find a really good video that benefits RVers and non-Rvers alike. This is one of those video. It is an inspiring and amazing story of a Gulf War Veteran who defied all odds by overcoming the effects of debilitating injuries and declining health. I wanted to share this video with you for three reasons:

  1. It is extraordinarily inspiring. I mean, if you don’t have a lump in your throat after watching it, then you probably weren’t paying attention. Anything is possible if you believe in it and work hard enough for it.
  2. This man is a Veteran who was injured in service of his Country. Everyone who reads my blogs knows that I am fiercely patriotic and supportive of those who put themselves in harm’s way for others.
  3. This is a wonderful way to stay fit while RVing. Now don’t roll your eyes, I see you in the corner! You don’t have to claim to be a practitioner of Yoga to benefit from it. As we get older, the more we are going to have to exercise so we can RV longer!

So there you go. You can apply it to your life how you see fit. It just re-affirmed what I already knew:

  1. If you don’t think you can do something, you probably can but aren’t trying hard enough.
  2. The American soldier has a will power that is stronger than many Americans and worthy of everyone’s total respect.
  3. I have no excuse not to stay healthy and in shape.

What are your thoughts? Can you apply this type of dedication to your RV lifestyle?

Preparing For Snow In Your RV

How many of you out there have had to prepare for snow in your RV? I found the great video below from RVgeeks and highly suggest that you subscribe to their YouTube Channel, as they have a lot of great videos and tips for both the part time and full-time RVer. In the videos below, RVgeeks show you the virtues of being prepared for winter weather while RVing. For some great Snowbirding tips check out the video below:

They further go on to explain why it’s a good thing to prep for severe weather and why it’s not a good thing to have 2 feet of snow on top of your RV. The video below is more of a “See, I told you so” rather than more tips, but it’s great to see how a little prep work can go a long way when RVing during the winter.

Doesn’t that look like fun? OF COURSE IT DOES!!! There’s nothing like RVing, even in the cold of winter. The best thing about owning a consignment RV is that you can experience ALL of the joys of RVing all year long if you really wanted to. In order to prepare for all of your RV excursions, you are going to want to check out all of the great RV parts and accessories at PPL Motorhomes.