Visit a Hidden Texas Beach Gem


John W. Schulze/Flickr Creative Commons

A lot of folks from out of state may find the Texas Gulf Coast a little underwhelming at times. You pick the wrong time of year and your favorite beach going spot might be covered in seaweed, or dead jellyfish, or tar balls…all the usual Texas beach killing suspects. But the reality is this: Texas is home to some mighty fine beach out there y’all. You can’t even compare the green blue water of south Texas with the silty brown water of east Texas. You see, we have hundreds and hundreds of miles of coast line, and I’d like to tell you a little secret about one spot.

We’ve discussed Port Aransas in previous posts. There are beautiful beaches, great seafood, all the aquatic activities you can handle, and they are a welcoming RV friendly bunch. The little known thing about Port Aransas though is that you can hop a 15 minute jetty boat ride to a secluded, pristine, beautiful, and 21 mile long barrier atoll. It’s called San Jose on the map, but locals call it St Jo’s.

What you need to do to get there is to pick a campsite somewhere nearby, plenty to choose from, and get yourself to Fisherman’s Wharf. Buy at ticket from the folks for the jetty boat, and they run all day long if you need to return without staying all day. Tickets are cheap and the boat runs starting at 6:30 am and then on the hour after that until 4pm, with the last boat departing St Jo’s at 6 pm. Everything you need to know about rates and schedule can be found right here!  Only 20 folks at a time can fit on the boat, so you’re more or less guaranteed a low number crowd at the beach, perfect for family picnics, or getting away from the family too!

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