How To Let Go of Your Beloved RV


As you know, in March of 2014 I purchased the sweetest little 2007 Roadtrek.  This became my little “gypsy mobile” and my way to escape.  You see, for years Mike and I had always pulled 5th wheels.  We had everything for all the family and our RV was the hub of entertainment at every campground on our travels.  I missed the lifestyle and knew I was destined to go RVing again.  My wonderful son-in-law told me I was welcome to just sleep on their sofa when we all went camping, but I knew that was not for me.  One evening, I was sitting at my desk and this beautiful gold Roadtrek had just been parked outside my window.  It was a beauty.  I looked at it and I knew it was love at first sight.  The next morning I became the proud owner of RV Nana 2!

Now, I am the crazy woman who had been car shopping for months and could not make a decision on a car, but I could buy an RV in 24 hours.  I called the owner to discuss the vehicle and immediately knew this RV had been treated with tender loving care.  He and his wife were so nice and he was so excited that I was going to take care of his baby.

Well, about 8 months ago I decided I needed a little larger RV and purchased a Winnebago View.  The two slides gave me so much more room and it had a real shower so I could travel to an industry event and have a place to shower and get dressed up for a business meeting or after ‘5 events if needed.  That is something very hard to do in the Roadtrek, although the Roadtrek was a great dressing room for my teen age grandkids in FFA when they were showing animals at the fairgrounds.   Everyone asked me if I was planning to sell the Roadtrek and I simply could not let go.  I had it in storage and would still take it out to camping events occasionally.  It only had 41K miles and I knew I had to make a decision to sell it or keep it.  I really think I was having trouble selling it because of the memories.  This RV had helped me at a time in my life when I needed healing.  It had been a part of me. 

Finally, the day had come.  I was at the airport headed off to our Cleburne location and I just knew the time was right.  I called my office and told them to put it on the market.  I had my dear friend and my COO at PPL deal with the pricing and everything from that point forward.  I was not going to negotiate or deal with it at all.

About 10 days ago, a call came in at the office asking if I was the owner of that Roadtrek because he wanted to talk to me.  As soon as I saw the name on the memo, I knew it was the original owner.  They had seen the RV on PPL’s site and wanted their baby back.  They had missed it and, although they have a Phoenix Cruiser, they wanted the Roadtrek.  We chatted for an hour or so and they realized I had taken good care of it, too.  We made arrangements for me to drive it to Cleburne where they would meet me.  They were from Oklahoma, so my Cleburne store was the halfway point.

We met and had the greatest couple of hours telling stories of our Roadtrek.  I knew this was the right thing to do.  They were excited and, after a few signatures, I handed them the keys and they drove off into the sunset. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few quiet tears.

Now, I’ve been here 37 years and I don’t recall ever hearing of a person buying their RV back because they missed it.  Who knows, in a year or so I may miss it and want it back again.  I know we will stay in contact and will likely meet at a campground in the next year for a fun weekend.  RV Nana 2 has been a huge chapter in my book of life!

If anyone has a similar story or can share the best ways to say “goodbye” to an old RV friend, we’d love to hear about it.