Winter Is Here, Cover Your RV

We all know that averse weather can take a toll on your RV, especially if you aren’t storing it inside for the Winter. Assuming you’ve taken care of all of your other winterizing responsibilities, you are going to want to keep it out of the elements as much as possible.

ADCO and PPL Motorhomes have the right covers to fit your RV, shield your tires or cover propane tanks. You may not think a little cold snap will cause much damage and you’re probably right, but are you willing to take the chance? Even meteorologists can’t predict the weather with 100% accuracy all of the time. That one cold snap might turn into a winter armageddon which can result in damage to your RV and RV equipment.

The old adage, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” is doubly true when it comes to preserving the condition of your RV. Don’t wait to find out how weather can affect your winterized RV, visit PPL and start protecting the value of your RV!


Solar that won’t BURN up your budget!

Item 72.3704 | MFR# 783-0100-01

Catch some RAYS this summer with this super simple, affordable, plug-n-play solar kit for the on-the-go lifestyle.  Technology can be a lifesaver. In this case, keeping your RV’s batteries at full charge with a portable solar panel that won’t BURN up your budget is just plain smart! 

It DAWNED on me that there is an affordable, simple way to start your introduction to solar! That is the Xantrex Solar 100W portable panels. You can travel light with this affordable and easy set-up solar panel. We put a lot of strain on our RV’s batteries and that you are prepared to recharge overdrawn batteries is the type of preparation that we may not really put high on our priority list.

The Xantrex Solar 100W portable flex kit is very lightweight and has a compact design solution. The panel is half the weight and quarter the size compared to most 100W portable kits available in the market today.
The solar kit includes a 10A charge controller and a system hardware which is designed as a plug-n-play charging solution. Users can connect to their batteries using ring terminals, battery clamps, or a SAE connector for pre-wired RV solar ports. It comes with a built in storage pouch where the charge controller and adapter cables are stored. Users can adjust the panel to the perfect angle towards the sun with the adjustable tilting legs. These portable kits can be easily fold.

  • A 100W solar panel featuring 5 busbar mono-crystalline cells
  • A 10A Pulse-Width Modulation charge controller is provided to charge and protect your batteries
  • Three ways to connect your batteries
  • Portable, Easily storage and carry
  • Adjustable angle with tilting legs
  • Maintenance free
  • Maximum battery life and Prolong power supply 
  • 1 year product warranty

Simple, affordable, plug-n-play solar kit for charging your battery while camping and tailgating!

Let the sun charge your batteries with this affordable, lightweight, and easy set-up solar panel and let any worries of poor battery performance melt away.

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

I LOVE this tumbler!

I love this wine tumbler.  I’m sure that those who know me know that I enjoy an occasional glass of wine on the patio and this tumbler is the best I have ever had.  It keeps my wine cool and keeps gnats and flies form swimming around in my wine and getting a little tipsy. 

I received my first set as a gift from a friend and now have a couple sets at home and in the RV.  I am a bit of a wine snob, or should I say a wine glass snob.  I love a stemmed glass!  This tumbler set gives me the stemmed glass I love and a stemless glass when and if I want to set the glass down in the sand. I can’t say enough about this stainless steel wine glass is my absolute favorite glass. It’s the best of both worlds!!! I also have a couple of friends who prefer stemless, so this set has something for everyone!

Check them out. They make a great gift idea!

Get Your Trailer Sway Under Control

The Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch is an American classic, carefully crafted in the USA. Equal-i-zer’s unique design combines weight distribution with 4-point sway control. 4-point sway control combats trailer sway caused by towing hazards such as crosswinds, passing vehicles and quick stops. 4-point sway control is a system of four friction points built directly into the hitch. Easier to use and more effective than cumbersome chain style hitches with add-on sway devices.

No turning, backing or weather restrictions. Fits any 2″ receiver hitch and works with virtually any trailer, even with surge brakes. Backed by a lifetime warranty. Includes hitch head, standard hitch shank, two spring arms, hardware, and two sway control brackets. The Hitch Ball is not included, but may be ordered separately below. Please be sure what size ball your trailer requires.

These hitches may be ordered without the shank if you need something other than the standard 2″ drop. Please call for details- 1-800-755-4775.

For more information and an informative video, please visit Equal-i-zer’s web site. Look under ‘Tech Specs’ for help with selecting a hitch shank with the proper drop or rise for your vehicle.

Important Kar Kaddy Purchase Information
This is for all of you RVers who are considering purchasing a Kar Kaddy for your tow vehicle behind your Class A, or Class C. First, “CONGRATULATIONS” on making a great choice on car carrier! But, here’s the rub, since today’s cars keep changing in aerodynamics, knowing whether a particular vehicle fits on a Demco Kar Kaddy is getting more difficult. However, Demco has made determining load fit a little easier. Demco offers the Load Angle Clearance calculator on the Demco website. In addition, Demco has created this quick, easily made, cardboard reference guide that can be used to determine if a vehicle will clear when loading onto a Kar Kaddy.

You’ve already made a great choice in choosing Kar Kaddy, now it’s even easier to find the right one for your tow vehicle. If you still aren’t sure, feel free to give PPL Motorhomes a call, and we can help you find the right product.

Aqua-Kem, The Perfect Addition to Your RV Holding Tanks

It’s a dirty topic, but someone has to talk about it: Odor control for your RV holding tanks. Designed specifically for RV holding tanks, these strong formulas ensure safe, powerful odor control. Available in convenient easy-to-use forms, these products give you maximum performance with minimum effort.Most Powerful Odor Control. Liquefies Waste And Breaks Down Tissue Fast To Prevent Clogging.Powerful Detergents Cleans Tank Walls And Drain Lines. Works Around The Clock In All Weather Conditions.A Complete Lineup Of Convenient Forms For Maximum Ease Of Use. 100 Percent Biodegradable Liquid And Environmentally Safe When Disposed Of Properly.

Aqua-Kem® Products

Aqua-Kem Product Family - Holding Tank Products

Aqua-Kem® is the #1 selling holding tank deodorant of all time because it does the job better than any other product. In fact, that makes it America’s Most Trusted Holding Tank Deodorant: Powerful, Convenient, Effective

Aqua-Kem® Liquid™

  • The most powerful odor control available
  • Liquefies waste and breaks down tissue fast to prevent clogging
  • Powerful detergents clean tank walls and drain lines
  • Works around the clock in all weather conditions
  • A complete lineup of convenient forms for maximum ease of use
  • 100% biodegradable liquid and environmentally safe when disposed of properly
  • Available in one-gallon jug, 64-oz. bottle, 32-oz. bottle, 6 pack of 8-oz. bottles, and 3 pack of 8-oz. bottles

Aqua-Kem® Toss-Ins™

Holding Tank Deodorant, contains 12 rapid-dissolve packets. 100% biodegradable. Aqua-Kem Toss-Ins is a 3-in-1 product. The powerful deodorizer controls odors, the waste digester liquifies and breaks down the solids in the holding tanks, while the detergent cleans the tank and the drain lines. Comes in our popular foil zipper pouch.

  • The ultimate in convenience! Simply toss ‘em into the tank. These water-soluble packets dissolve fast to deliver great deodorizing power and cleaning action.
  • 12-pack of 1.5-oz. sachets in a resealable foil pouch, Morning Sky or Powder Fresh scent
  • 8-pack of 1.5-oz. sachets in a resealable foil pouch
  • Single-dose 1.5-oz. sachets, Morning Sky or Powder Fresh scent

NEW Aqua-Kem® Toss-Ins™ Garden Mist

  • New FRESH fragrance – Same great performance
  • Comes in our popular foil zipper pouch
  • Powerful odor control & superior waste digestion
  • Liquefies waste fast to prevent clogs
  • 100% biodegradable

Aqua-Kem® DRI™

Convenient, pre-measured, waterproof packs of non-dusting granules.

  • 8-pack of 2-oz. foil pouches

There is nothing worse than horribly smelling holding tanks in your RV. If you can’t get it under control, then you are going to have a hard time falling in love with your RV. Luckily, Aqua-Kem can eliminate all the foul odors coming from holding tanks and keep your RV smelling fresh and clean. I highly recommend you give one of these great products a try in your own RV. You will be thankful that you did! 

The Kar Kaddy Is Every Tow Vehicle’s Dream

The Kar Kaddy™ SS is every tow vehicle’s dream and will tow almost any vehicle, large or small, without difficult, time consuming adjustments to axles or ramps. This means no bolts to tighten and no heavy components to reposition. With the tow dolly, your motor home stays in place while you go sightseeing, shopping or make that quick trip to the local grocery store. The KarKaddy SS is 133 inches long in towing position, and only 67 inches when folded!! Your car rides on the tow dolly suspension system so it does not get shaken as much as it would if towed with a tow bar. Also, most vehicles can be towed while minimizing the potential damage to the vehicles transmission or other systems. You do not need to go through the expense of installing lube oil systems on your towed vehicle even if it has an automatic transmission.

The DEMCO Kar Kaddy SS solves the storage problem by allowing the galvanized tongue and loading ramps to stow away to a mere 67 inches! The SS in the logo stands for Space Saver.

Demco introduced the “steerable axle” to the industry in 1982. This is still used today on the Kar Kaddy SS and allows for a tighter 15% turning radius, the tightest in the industry, that tracks directly behind the motor home. The feature provides less sliding and binding of the tires but ultimately the tracking of the unit wins over the competition. 

When the automobile is loaded, the tilt bed automatically latches. There is no need to reach underneath the car to manipulate a pin and the easy access ratchet handles allow the user to tie down the tires with ease. The Wheel Jack is featured as standard equipment on the Demco Kar Kaddy SS allowing the user unprecedented maneuverability when away from the RV. 

Need more space? Fold it!

  • Includes disc brakes.
  • Perfect solution for RV parks that are not deep enough to accommodate your motorhome and tow dolly.
  • Fully extended- 133 inches long.
  • Folded- 67 inches long.
  • Hydraulic surge brake system for safe and controlled stopping.
  • Chrome wheels with radial tires and dual safety chains.
  • Sealed bearing hubs with a 3-year unlimited warranty.
  • Less than 100 lbs. tongue weight when loaded, for improved ride and handling of tow vehicles.
  • Total towed vehicle weight: 4,800 lbs.
  • Axle capacity: 3,500 lbs.
  • Towed vehicle tread width: 42” minimum, 76” maximum.
  • Galvanized finish.
  • eZ-Latch coupler.

The galvanized finish on the DEMCO Kar Kaddy SS. This prevents rust and paint chips. LED lights and side markers, standard CHROME wheels and stylish mud flaps finish out the LOOK? of the Kar Kaddy SS. Just these features alone, set us apart from the competition. There is no need to worry about finish issues and the storage problem is solved.

DEMCO continues to offer a sealed hub and spindle backed by a 3-year warranty that is maintenance free. This is something every RVer with a tow vehicle will certainly appreciate! Come in to PPL Motor Homes today and take a look at the Kar Kaddy models for yourselves, you’ll love ’em!

Buying a RV Toilet Made Easy

History of the Toilet…I know you wanted to know.

Used often, but rarely talked about…the RV toilet. I mean, if you really want to think about one of the most significant additions to modern convenience, you don’t really have to think much further than the “personal sewage manager”. Whatever you refer to it as: the throne, the head, or the porcelain princess; the toilet is a daily use item that would be hard to live without. 

All jokes aside, your RV’s toilet is a very important feature where un-compromised functionality is paramount and I think is often overlooked in regards to either simple maintenance, or replacement. Think of this article as your introduction to the wonderful world of RV sewage management.


Gravity flush – this is the most traditional toilet; tried and tested in RVs for decades. It uses the simplest method of flushing – bowl contents drop directly into a large holding tank – ensuring reliable, straightforward performance. The gravity-flush toilet must be installed directly over the waste holding tank.

Macerating flush – motor-powered blades macerate waste into viscous slurry before the waste goes into a large holding tank. This flushing technology allows the toilet and waste holding tank to be positioned apart from each other. As a result of maceration, holding tank effluent is more fluid. This reduces “mounding” of waste while also making discharge from the tank easier and more thorough.

Vacuum flush – bowl contents are powerfully pulled from the toilet bowl through a stored vacuum vessel and macerating vacuum pump, and then pumped to a large holding tank. Like macerating toilets, this flushing technology also allows the toilet and waste holding tank to be positioned apart from each other. This allows a vacuum toilet to be located virtually anywhere in a motorhome.

Cassette – primarily designed for caravans and campervans, this toilet technology provides a compact toilet bowl that’s permanently installed over a small, removable “cassette-style” waste tank. When flushed, the bowl contents drop directly into the waste tank. When the waste tank is full, it is manually removed through a service door and emptied into a standard toilet or other waste disposal station, then re-installed under the toilet bowl.

Portable – popular in small campervans and also for tent camping, portable toilets are composed of a lightweight plastic toilet bowl and small waste tank. When the tank is full, you remove the lower tank from the upper seat and bowl, empty it into a standard toilet or other waste disposal station, then re-connect it with the toilet bowl.


Foot-pedal-operated gravity flush toilets do not require any electrical connections, so they consume no energy at all. Other toilets that use very little electrical power (to operate an electric water valve or a flush valve motor) include cassette toilets and all-ceramic gravity-flush toilets. Also considered to be “low-power” units are vacuum toilets that use a foot pedal for flushing (a vacuum generator uses a mere 6 amps of electric power).


Foot-pedal operated toilets use the least water, while electric flush toilets are programmed to use a little more. However, most electric flush toilets offer “Normal” and “Low” flush options to help control water use.

Gravity-flush toilets consume very little water because they do not need extra water to flush waste from the bowl. Vacuum toilets also require very little water, as the vacuum power pulls waste from the toilet bowl and keeps the plumbing line clear without extra water.


The absence of a motor in cassette, portable and pedal-flush gravity toilets means they’re very quiet. Another option to consider for keeping noise down is a slow-close seat which prevents closing with a bang!


While the waste from gravity-flush toilets can cause “mounding” inside a tank that can be difficult to rinse out, the pulverized effluent from a macerator or vacuum toilet is more easily and thoroughly discharged from a waste holding tank. In fact, barely any waste will remain inside the tank after emptying and, unlike gravity and cassette toilets, potential blockages caused by wads of toilet paper do not pose a risk.


Since the late 1970s, most residential-style RV toilets used a foot pedal for flushing. Recently, however, electric flushing models which either use a remote switch or electronic flush handle are increasingly popular.

Some electric flush switches include a “full tank” shut-down option that cuts off power to the toilet to avoid overfilling the holding tank. While most RV toilet systems let you determine when a waste holding tank is full (either by a built-in tank monitor system or by looking down through the toilet bowl when the flush valve is open), not all will prevent you from overfilling the tank.

With the risk of damage caused by overfilling, an electric flush with full tank shut-down can be reassuring.


Most people find high-profile toilets to be the most comfortable to sit on and easiest to stand up from. Hand sprayers have become popular options for additional bowl rinsing when desired. The simple replacement of plastic seats with enameled wood or slow-closing seats is also a common upgrade. Finally, when toilets may be used in the dark, remote flush switches are both easy-to-use and feature helpful illuminating backlights.


Use environmentally friendly tank treatment liquids, drop-in packets or dissolvable tabs. You can also conserve water by choosing a low-volume flush when the toilet system offers this option. Gravity, cassette and portable toilets, which do not rely on electricity, are also great friends of the environment!

Now, I know this is probably more than you’d ever want to know about your RV toilets, but it really is important information to have. In the long run, having a properly function septic system will keep you from flushing money down the drain…pun intended. 

Get a Better HDTV and DISH Signals While RVing

Now, if you know anything about RVNana, you know I’m a big proponent of getting outdoors, but sometimes you just want to stay in and catch a little R&R from your R&R. What do you do? Read a book? Play on the computer? Watch TV?

If you said the latter, then you might want to consider an upgrade on your RV to the latest RV Digital TV Antenna technology with King Controls’ new JACK Digital HDTV antenna system. This is an amplified, ultra high gain antenna that provides the best digital TV reception available for your RV. The new JACK Digital HDTV antenna system. It has an integrated signal finder which incorporates a built-in digital signal meter allowing fast and accurate antenna pointing without having to blindly scan in multiple directions to find your local TV channels. LED lights illuminate as the antenna is rotated a full 360o to indicate which direction the digital TV signals are strongest. The unit also includes a variable sensitivity adjustment to fine tune the antenna position for best reception in both strong and weak signal areas.

The fixed height, (just 12″) aerodynamic design requires no cranking up or down, so less roof space is needed for installation and the antenna is always ready for travel, and the unit’s rotation shaft features an adjustable tube in a tube design allowing installation on various roof thicknesses without any cutting or gluing of components. This digital TV antenna system includes a 12-volt wall-plate switch that fits all standard electrical boxes and includes two TV outputs, a cable TV input and can be used as a selector switch between campground cable and over-the-air signals.

And the best part? It’s east to install!

Now, if you are looking for an antenna that is DISH compatible then look nor further than the King Tailgater PRO. Make any outdoor event more entertaining with the reengineered DISH Tailgater Pro, a fully automated premium HD satellite TV antenna including an ultramodern new clear cover, an industry first. The clear cover allows you to see exactly where your dish is pointing to simplify troubleshooting and ensure you’re receiving the best signal. Designed for sporting events, outdoor enthusiasts or even owners of a second home, the DISH Tailgater Pro is ideal for enjoying all your favorite TV programs anywhere, anytime. The flexible design is ideal for portability or roof-mounting. It is fully automatic and works right out of the box when connected to a compatible DISH HD Solo receiver and includes an exclusive interactive on-screen display for hassle-free set-up for DISH programming. The Tailgater Pro supports multiple TV viewing, so you can stay current on more than one show or live event. If you already have DISH at home, just add the new receiver to your account. Enjoy your favorite TV programming anywhere, anytime.

The Tailgater PRO is ideal for RVers, sporting and outdoor enthusiasts, tailgaters, long haul truckers or anyone with an active mobile lifestyle, and allows you to take your DISH satellite TV service with you anywhere in the continental U.S.

So, if you are tired of poor HDTV reception, then King’s JACK Digital HDTV Antenna System is a perfect choice for you. Looking for a better DISH antenna? Then check out the Tailgater PRO! As always, don’t hesitate to give our PPL Motorhomes a call if you have any questions. We can see which is the right antenna system for you.

Replacing The AC In Your RV
Jacob Haddon/Flickr Creative Commons

What’s worse than blistering heat outside? Blistering heat inside of your RV! Nothing is more disruptive to a wonderful trip that an struggling unit air conditioner, or even worse, one that completely shuts down.  This has happened to me before and I don’t really need to tell you that RV Nana gets really grumpy when I’m sweating too much.

So, now as the days are getting warmer and the RV travel season is only just beginning. If you haven’t done a thorough check you your AC system, you my be in for a HOT surprise during your trip. One of the first things you  should do is to take the time to clean the filter in your RV. Can you even remember when the last time you did that was?   Dust, Dirt and road grime can build up really compromising the efficiency of your AC. Don’t forget to clean off the roof assembly.

Now if your AC is is totally kaput, then you’ll want to replace it for as little money as possible. Trust me, I know, owning an RV can hit you in the wallet hard sometimes, so you’ll definitely want a resource for cost effective parts and accessories. PPL Motorhomes has a complete line of RV Air Conditioners in stock at both out Houston and Cleburne RV Parts Superstores. We can ship one directly to your door, even if your front door is at a campground hundreds of miles from home.