To Pee or Not To Pee, That Is The Question

We all know the feeling. It usually starts with that little voice inside your head; “You shouldn’t have drank that whole 32oz. coffee. You know that means we are going to have to make an unscheduled pitstop”.

“Shut up brain, I’ll just think about something else. You don’t control me! And besides, there’s no need to start to panic, I’m we will roll up to a rest stop in about an hour, so you just sit back and enjoy the ride”, you think to yourself.

“Sure, sure, you just keep thinking that and I’ll just keep filling that tiny little bird bladder of yours and we’ll see how long it will take you to give in”, your devious brain silently retorts. Then it start to hit. You were warned and in no more than 10 minutes you feel like your bladder is about to perforate. At this point, you are likely putting on a good face, but praying that you see a rest stop, a gas station or some other facility that can help alleviate your discomfort. Then you have to say another prayer hoping that said facility doesn’t look like the inside of a subway station.

Now, I know that those of us who travel Texas we are reminded by at least 500 billboards across this great state that we you are likely closing in on a Texas treasure and bathroom break heaven, Buc-ee’s. As an added bonus, they boast the cleanest restroom facilities in Texas. I’d say that Texas travelers depend on Buc-ee’s and Buc-ee’s depends on us stopping for those clean bathrooms and filling up on snacks, pastries, drinks and gift items. Wish I had thought of their marketing plan.

However, not all RVers and travelers have this luxury so, when traveling outside Texas (far away from our beloved Buc-ee’s), we all watch for restaurants, fuel centers and parks that look clean, neat and safe. Little did I know until earlier this week that there is actually an app for your phone that will help you find clean restrooms. “THANK GOD!” Flush Toilet Finder is an app that helps you locate public restrooms on your journey.

Now, I know, you don’t have to say it, if you are traveling in a motorhome, this app may not be necessary. And quite honestly, many of us with travel trailers and fifth wheels will often forget that we have our bathrooms right there behind us all the time. Trust me, folks. When your brain is preoccupied with the very real stress of a bloated bladder, you forget stuff. Seriously, one of my favorite stories to tell is of my late husband and brother in law heading off to the deer lease and frantically looking for a restroom for several very, very long and painful minutes before that “AH-HA” moment hit. They were towing our camper and remembered they had their restroom with them. He almost didn’t tell me the story because of how silly he felt. I told him, when you’ve gotta’ pee, your brain is only concerned about finding a place to go…logic is usually ignored.

So, whether you’re traveling by RV, or auto or off on a sight seeing adventure by foot or bicycle, check out this app.