Is Full-Time RVing Right For You?

Photo by Fred Pflughoft, provided by Wyoming Travel & Tourism

It’s a dream that most of us RVers have. Selling all of our worldly possessions and heading out on the road full time. While it sounds like a great idea to many of us (including those here at PPL Motorhomes), it requires a lot of work and isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of factors you must take into account before you make the decision to live your live in an RV.


Being out on the road eliminates the possibility of having a career that requires you to come in to work everyday. The best options for a life on the road are internet-based careers, one that allows you to be anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection). Crafty RVers can make their products on the road and sell them online to fund their lifestyle. Photographers and painters are also a great example of being able to travel at all times and not be required to be in a specific place at a specific time.


Every RVer loves to travel. It’s in our blood. But after a certain amount of time, you begin longing for the normalcy of home. Living on the road, traveling is a daily occurrence and your RV is your home. There’s no going back. Make sure you’re committed to the lifestyle.


Obviously, if you have children who are in school, you should wait until they are out of school and off to college or out on their own. If you have a family member who is under your care or in constant need of medical access (dialysis, etc…), full time RVing is out of reach. The same goes for animals. Dogs can generally join you and will probably enjoy themselves immensely, but I have a hard time seeing a cat coming with you!

Sure, we all dream of hitting the road for good and visiting all of the places we wrote down on out bucket list, but it takes a lot of preparation and planning to get to the point where you can cut the strings that tie you down and make the road your home. Do you know of anyone who is a full time RVer? Do you think you could do it?