Light Up Your RV with the Duo Form Standard Skylight Shade


Why do we go RVing? Of course the reasons are probably more than I could ever count. However, the most obvious one is just being out door and taking in the Sun which can be hard to do when you are relaxing in your RV. UNLESS you install a Duo Form Skylight Shade!

Light up your RV with the Duo Form Standard Skylight Shade is an economical solution to block a tremendous amount of heat and light from your RV interior. These skylight shades are designed to help reduce heat and light in your RV by reducing UV effect! With these skylight shades- you can enjoy the view when you want to, but keep the HEAT out! Duo Form Skylight Shades reduce UV effect and will help keep the temperature cool and the light low. Includes all hardware needed to install- made with mold-resistant materials, ultra-low profile design. Will fit the following standard skylight sizes: 14×22, 13×19, 15×18, and 14×14. Duo Form has over 35 years of experience designing skylights for RV’s and PPL Motorhomes has now brought this revolutionary technology to millions of our customers with amazing skylight shades that fit over almost ANY skylight found in RV’s on the road today! 

The bottom line is that we go RVing to enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes that might not be possible for a myriad or reasons and that’s where having a Duo Form Skylight shade comes in really handy. You can bring just a of the outside, inside. Let me tell you, I have them in my trailer and they make a wonderful addition to any RV.

– RV Nana