Fido Wants A Picket Play Fence

Who’s A Happy RVer?


Item 01.2314 | MFR# P1000

Finally, and awesome product for those sweet RVing pups! Picket Play is a portable fencing system designed to keep your pets safe while camping or at home. The fencing system is constructed from light-weight vinyl which can be assembled very quickly and hassle free. The 16 piece set provides 135 square feet of fencing and encloses your RV steps. Along with our front gate, the 3 foot wide by 32 inch tall fence panels will ensure your pets safety. Picket Play Fence can also be stored in a 3 foot by 3 foot area.

No digging required! The patented step panels easily slide into place behind the steps. Picket Play fence works on all terrain; including sand & uneven lots.

Picket Play Fence


  • Completely encloses RV steps 
  • Completely encloses camping area 
  • All-in-one kit 
  • Full size locking gate 
  • Pet friendly 
  • Convenient storage 
  • Curb appeal 
  • Secure on all terrain 
  • Customizable for specific needs 
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Material: Light-weight vinyl 
  • Square footage: 135 
  • Linear footage: 44ft 
  • Size: 36in Width by 32in Height 
  • Required storage space: Fits in a 3ft by 3ft area 
  • Weight(per panel): 7.5lbs

Components Included:

  • 12 Standard panels 
  • 1 step panel 
  • 1 insert panel 
  • 1 door panel 
  • 1 Powder Coated Latch Catch Panel 
  • Powder Coated Pin Panel 
  • 17 Total short and long rods powder coated

Now, how can you deny your poor pooch a little free range time? You can open up a whole new world for your “best friend” with the Picket Play Fence, available right now at PPL!