Aqua Bio by Thetford

OK, everyone knows that RV Nana likes a fresh smelling RV and I am not a fan of strong perfume smelling deodorizers.  Some of them smell like an old gas station bathroom from the 70’s. How about that for a visual? I want a clean, crisp, fresh smell.  Thetford hit the nail on the head when they developed their newest line, Aqua Bio.  Aqua Bio comes in a liquid as well as my favorite, drop in tablets and it safely deodorizes your RV holding tank.  This is a septic-safe odor eliminator and waste digester that contains no formaldehyde, or bronopol.  

I have a simple way to keep my RV fresh smelling even when it’s in storage.   When I get ready to leave the campsite, I empty the holding tanks and close off all the valves.  Before I disconnect my fresh water, I run about 2-3 gallons of water in the toilet, drop in one Aqua Bio pod and then pour about a half bag of crushed ice in the toilet.  While I drive home, the ice is cleaning the sides of the holding tank and the Aqua-Bio is keeping things fresh until I use the RV again.  A simple trick that really gets the job done.

One more reminder, make sure you ONLY use RV toilet paper.  The nice soft multi-ply toilet paper does not dissolve and can stick to the sides of the holding tank.  Using the correct toilet paper can save you hundreds in holding tank repairs. 

A few easy steps to take today can make your RVing experience so much better!  See you on the road!