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PPL Motorhomes: Protecting Texas Lakes And Rivers From Invasive Species

At PPL Motorhomes, we all love our rivers and lakes. In fact most of us take our Houston RVs far out of the city limits to places where the main attraction is a river or lake. So, there is no…
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Consignment RVs Houston: Fighting Back Allergies While Camping

As many of us here at PPL Motorhomes can attest to, having allergies and loving the outdoors is a real bummer. Since we are handle a lot of consignment RVs in Houston, we’ve heard countless stories and complaints about loving…
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PPL Motorhomes: Do You Know How To Use The Jacks On Your RV Properly

OK, it’s time for RV Nana, to be just that. Recently we were on a trip on the San Marcos river. As I was walking around some of the camping areas I, noticed a Class A motorhome that looked a…
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PPL Motorhomes: Buying a Consignment RV

Buying a consignment RV is a lot like buying a car; there are some features and options that you’re going to want, and there will be some others that you don’t have a need for. But, buying an RV on…
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PPL Motorhomes: Thoughts On Mother’s Day

As  I sat down to write about celebrating Mother’s Day, I wanted to approach it from a lighthearted perspective. You know, maybe recounting a story or two about going RVing with my family on Mother’s Day. Maybe a funny story…
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PPL Motorhomes: Thank You Park Volunteers

PPL Motorhomes wants to say, “Thank You” on behalf of our staff and all of those who buy parts, or leave their consignment RVs with us. We all have one thing in common, we all love our State parks. However,…
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