PPL Motorhomes: Do You Know How To Use The Jacks On Your RV Properly

OK, it’s time for RV Nana, to be just that. Recently we were on a trip on the San Marcos river. As I was walking around some of the camping areas I, noticed a Class A motorhome that looked a little peculiar. I really wasn’t sure why at first. Then I noticed that,  in what I can only assume was an attempt to level out the motorhome, the jacks had the front tires off of the ground at least 5 inches. This is a “No-No”! Leveling jacks are not meant to function in such an extreme manor.

Take a look at this. You can really see how high the tires are off of the ground in this picture. I’m sure these good folks didn’t have an issue this day, but there really is no telling when something will happen that can cause a catastrophic disaster to your rig and possibly injure family or friends. Use your heads folks. If you think it is even remotely unstable, it probably is.

This is the perfect time to use Lynx Levelers. Lynx Levelers are interlocking blocks you can arrange in a variety of configurations to meet any need. Stack into a pyramid shape, place in front of the tires that need to be lifted and drive on. If not level the first time, add or subtract height as needed and drive on again.

If you have any questions on how you can keep your Houston RV level without jeopardizing the stability of your rig, Just give PPL Motohomes a call and we can give you some tips and hints on ways to make your RVing adventures both fun and safe.