Used RV’s

Time to Upgrade?

There comes a time for every RV’r when they start thinking about upgrading. Maybe you need a little more room. Maybe you’d like more options. Maybe you’ve just had it with the little repairs that seem to crop up every…
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PPL Motorhomes: Buying a Consignment RV

Buying a consignment RV is a lot like buying a car; there are some features and options that you’re going to want, and there will be some others that you don’t have a need for. But, buying an RV on…
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What Do You Know About Your Consignment RV’s Water Heater

Cold Showers? Not for me! At PPL Motorhomes, we love our Suburban RV water heaters. They are without a doubt one of the most appreciated and necessary comforts of owning an RV. Here’s a little information from the PPL Motorhomes…
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