Consignment RVs Houston: Fighting Back Allergies While Camping

As many of us here at PPL Motorhomes can attest to, having allergies and loving the outdoors is a real bummer. Since we are handle a lot of consignment RVs in Houston, we’ve heard countless stories and complaints about loving the outdoors, but being highly allergic to the flora and fauna that cover our great State. The fact is that there are a lot of outdoors type people who suffer through allergy season so they can go camping, or RVing during the milder months…you might even be one of them. This seems unfair, but what can you do? Well, I did a little looking around and found this nice little checklist to help curb allergy attacks while camping.

Source Allergiesguide.com

Allergy Prevention Tips

  • Air out your equipment before you leave, look for mold in tents and tarps and wash off any you see with a hot water and bleach solution.
  • Bring along your allergy and/or asthma medication, so you are prepared for any trigger that may cross your path.
  • Remember to pack food that is friendly to people with food allergies, check with your group to see what people are allergic to and do not bring that item.
  • Check out your camp site for ragweed, poison oak or poison ivy and other plants that may cause allergic reactions. Bring ointments and medications just in case.
  • When building a fire, make sure that people who have asthma sit farther away and out of the wind so the smoke does not irritate their lungs.


There are ways to conquer your allergies so you can enjoy your RV and camping outings more. The video above offered some good tips that can be used while out on the road and while there are no real “cures” for allergies, you can curb some of the symptoms. If you know of any home remedies we can all use, share them with us. All of us at PPL Motorhomes and even those who consign their RVs with us could really benefit from your knowledge.