Time to Upgrade?

There comes a time for every RV’r when they start thinking about upgrading. Maybe you need a little more room. Maybe you’d like more options. Maybe you’ve just had it with the little repairs that seem to crop up every time you turn around. Maybe it’s time for a more energy efficient model. Maybe it’s time to sell the ol’ beast and move on to an RV that better suits your current situation. We here at PPL can sure help you with that. Not only are we a bumper to bumper parts and accessories warehouse, we also do a lot of consignments.

We know RVs, all makes and models, and we’ve been doing this for a long time. So when you decide to pull the trigger and make a change, allow us to help you out! Here’s how we can help sell your old RV:

First we’ll do a free appraisal. We do our price assessment based on previous units of the same type sold, have our assessors survey your vehicle so it can be priced to maximum advantage to you, and of course looking at the blue book. There is a large demand for RVs so there is a good chance we may already have someone looking for a model just like yours.

Second, we ADVERTISE. We have full page ads in Boat & RV Trader, we have an extensive direct mail program, we go to RV shows, and advertise in newspapers year round. If there’s a buyer for your specific RV, we will find them!

Third, if you’re looking to trade, we make it easy! We have a large inventory of RVs to choose from and have financing available in-house if needed. Another option is to sell us your RV. We’ll pay you immediate cash for your vehicle and you will have no delays in getting started on whatever adventure awaits.

If you’re interested in learning more about our consignment program, click HERE.