How Do I Put My RV on Consignment

“How do I put my RV on consignment?”

This is a question we get ask at least 10 times a day. That and, “why should I put my RV on consignment?”

Let’s reverse the order of those questions. First, “Why should I put my RV on consignment?” This question is usually accompanied by, “why can’t I just sell it myself?” The short answer is, you can totally sell it yourself. You can take the time and the money to advertise it, have it inspected, make any repairs it may need, then HOPE someone sees your tiny advertisement on the internet, or, even worse, the Greensheet. Then if you actually do have a buyer, you have to go through the trouble of getting a notary and exchanging the titles and completing a clean smoothed hand-off. Not saying selling it yourself is impossible, but why would you want to? It’s certainly not as easy as putting it on consignment at PPL Motorhomes and letting us handle all of the heavy lifting.

This is what you can expect from PPL when you put your RV on consignment with us.

Consigned Recreational Vehicle Specialist
PPL primarily sells used RV’s on consignment. We believe we can best serve the RV seller and buyer by concentrating on consigned RV’s. More on why you should use the services of a consignment specialist

Free Appraisals
The correct asking price for your Consignment Unit is critical for you to get the top dollar for your vehicle.  We use prices of previously sold  units, blue books, and experienced appraisers to make sure your vehicle is priced to your best advantage.  Take advantage of our free appraisal when you list.

We May Already have A Buyer for Your Unit
Chances are PPL already has a buyer for your vehicle and we know how to get them interested in buying. Over 15,000 buyers actively receive information on your unit thru the mail and over 31,500 buyers receive email updates. This is in addition to the over 750,000 visitors per month to our website. Many times a quick sale is made!

Extensive Advertising
Our extensive advertising enables a fast sale at the best price for you. Learn more…

Trade-ins or Cash Purchases
PPL makes it simple for you to do a trade.  PPL can also pay you immediate cash for your vehicle.  This means you won’t have to delay the start of your next adventure.

We will work with potential buyers to help them locate favorable financing. Helping the buyer find the financing they need can make a tremendous difference in selling because cash buyers are really hard to find in today’s market.

Extended Warranties
(Service Agreements)
Extended service agreements are offered by PPL on many later models. Some customers are leery of buying a used unit without any warranty. Our extended warranties provide buyers with peace of mind and are another reason why they prefer buying a PPL consigned vehicle.

Ultimate Detailing Service
A clean polished recreational vehicle will sell faster and receive better price offers.  Learn more about PPL’s professional detailing service.  See how spending a little can raise the selling price of your unit.

Experienced Staff
RV pricing, advertising, marketing, detailing, financing, extended service agreements, and trouble free closings all happen because of our experienced Sales staff.

Out of State RV Seller Program
If you live outside of Texas and prefer not to bring your unit to one of PPL’s consignment centers yourself, take advantage of our sign up by mail program and let us help you arrange delivery of your vehicle to one of our consignment centers. Click here for details.

No Cost Until Sold
There is no listing or monthly fees when you list with PPL.  Once your vehicle is sold, the commission is 10% of the selling price.  The minimum commission is $1475 for motor homes and $975 for travel trailers and fifth wheels.

How to Get Your Vehicle Listed for Sale
Follow these step by step details on how to get your unit appraised and listed for sale with PPL. Join the 1000’s who have profited from this successful sales system.


You can also call toll free: 800-755-4775 if you have any further questions. If you have even thought about trading in your RV, or selling the RV you have now, do yourself a favor and give us a call. We will make the process of selling your unit virtually painless. After all, we have helped over 20,000 people sell their motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth-wheels. Likewise, if you are looking to purchase your very 1st RV, or your 5th, check with us before you end up spending twice as much on a new RV and getting half as much as you wanted.

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