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PPL Motorhomes: Do You Know State Gun Transportation Laws

There is no doubt that RVers are outdoors type people. We bask in all of the glory that Nature can bestow upon us. In doing so, there are those of us who hike, fish, bird watch, explore and, of course,…
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PPL Motorhomes Opens New Location in New Braunfels

If there’s one thing that PPL Motorhomes loves, it’s being able to offer the best products and best values on consignment RVs . What better way to do that than to open up a new location in Central Texas? That’s…
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PPL Motorhomes,RV Nana and the Texas State Parks ask for your help

This past year, Texas State Parks have experienced some of our worst luck ever: Blistering heat, drought and the worst wild fires in history. The damages we’re just monetary, although that number is absurdly substantial, it’s the lives that we’re…
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What if Santa’s Sled was an RV instead?

He would definitely have enough room for himself, Mrs. Clause, and the reindeer.  If he got a bunkhouse he could even bring a few elves with him. He could take all of the comforts of the North Pole with him too! You know, milk…
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PPL Motorhomes: Is the new RVer getting younger?

One of the things I’ve been seeing a lot at PPL Motorhomes is that the age of new RVers is getting younger, specifically with the “Baby Boomer” generation who are approaching retirement. This isn’t news to anyone, especially the “boomers”…
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