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Our Weekend at T.A.C.O.

Mike and I recently attended the Texas Association of Campground Owners huge rally in Kerrville Texas at the Guadalupe River RV Resort. This was our first adventure in our fifth wheel to travel and represent PPL and it was so…
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What’s the Beep?!?

Are you ever annoyed by the flashing lights or beeping sounds coming from your RV? Don’t ignore those…they are warning systems reminding all of us to pay a little more attention and be safe. We all need to do a…
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Trailer Aid Plus Saves Us Again!!

Last weekend on our way to Kerrville for the Texas Association of Campground Owners Rally, our RV had a blow out on I-10 West and I was, once again, reminded of how great the Trailer Aid Plus is.  We pulled…
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Need a Refresher on RV Driving?

Have you ever taken a refresher course on driving your RV? We found a video that will refresh your mind on things you may have forgotten. Professor of RVing, Jim Twamley, narrates this video. There are some pretty good tips…
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Why Would a Someone Buy a RV?

People choose to purchase a RV for several reasons. It can depend on where they are in their lives or what kind of plans they have for their future. Here are some other reasons that we found to share with…
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RV Insurance; How You Can Get It?

Do you own a RV now? No? Are you looking to purchase one in the near future? RVs are a great way to travel.  You drive to where you want to vacation and camp in style. If you already own…
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