A dear friend of mine was talking to me about her RV and I almost came unglued when she told me how she had dealt with the beep from her LP gas detector.  After a long day in the office, she went back to her Houston home (her 5th wheel trailer) ready for a glass of wine and some much needed rest.  A few minutes later she heard that annoying beep (it is annoying because it is supposed to get your attention) from the LP detector.   She hit the reset button thinking that would solve the problem and it just kept beeping.   Being too tired to deal with it, she just took the battery out and turned off her hearing aid so she could get some sleep.  She’s actually lucky she woke up the next morning.  That beep means there is something wrong and LP gas is not something to fool around with.


The next morning, all bright eyed, she decided to investigate the cause of the beep.  As soon as she opened the outside compartment she could smell the strong smell of LP gas.  Apparently she had an LP regulator leaking on her LP tank so she immediately turned off the valve and the leak stopped.  Now all she has to do is have someone come out and repair the connection.  This story has a happy ending, but it could have ended much differently. She was lucky.  LP Gas is dangerous and needs to be taken seriously.  Don’t ignore the beep!!


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