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PPL Motorhomes: The Very Real Fire Hazards and Your New RV

This is not something that RV Nana, or PPL Motorhomes takes lightly. I recently read of a 55 year old Oklahoma man who died when his travel trailer caught fire while he was asleep. By the time emergency services got…
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National Park Passes Now Available for RVing Seniors by Mail

I’ve recently learned that lifetime passes to America’s national parks for senior citizens and Americans with disabilities are now available through the mail. That’s great news for many PPL Motorhomes Customers! According to National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis,…
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RV Snowbirds, take your motorhome to the desert, really!

Whenever fellow RVers come into PPL Motorhomes to talk about their winter trips, Florida is always a topic of conversation. While Florida is a fabulous destination (we still have our favorite spots)we hear things like: “It’s too crowded. It’s loud….
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