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PPL Motorhomes, Keeps Your Clothes Spotless While RVing

If  you’ve ever been on the road for any duration of time, you already know how important it is to have the ability to wash your clothes. Without a quality washer/dryer unit, you will be forced to either carry more…
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PPL Motorhomes: Have You Ever Balanced Your Trailer Tires?

So, do you have to balance the tires on your trailer? PPL Motorhomes‘ short answer is, “Yes”. Just like the tires on your car, the tires on your trailer should also be balanced. Why? It’s simple and the exact same…
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What Do You Know About Your Consignment RV’s Water Heater

Cold Showers? Not for me! At PPL Motorhomes, we love our Suburban RV water heaters. They are without a doubt one of the most appreciated and necessary comforts of owning an RV. Here’s a little information from the PPL Motorhomes…
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PPL Motorhomes: Are You At Risk Of Electric Shock In your RV

One of the thing that I don’t touch is the electrical system of our rig. At PPL Motorhomes, we are around electrical systems everyday, and electrical shock can still be a dangerous issue if we aren’t careful.  If you think…
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PPL Motorhomes: Stretch Your Dollars When RVing

Even in these tight economic times a road trip is still the way to go! We did a little research here at PPL Motorhomes and found that RVing is typically 27-61% less expensive than other vacations, according to a study…
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PPL Motorhomes: Just One Amazing Meal To Cook In Your RV

If there’s one place (geographically) similar to Texas, it’s California. (Notice how I snuck those parentheses in there?) It’s true though. Mountains, deserts, plains and sea, we share a lot of similarities with our West Coast friends. Here’s a perfect…
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