PPL Motorhomes: Are You At Risk Of Electric Shock In your RV

One of the thing that I don’t touch is the electrical system of our rig. At PPL Motorhomes, we are around electrical systems everyday, and electrical shock can still be a dangerous issue if we aren’t careful.  If you think you have an electrical issue, you’ll certainly want to have it checked out immediately. The thought of inadvertently electrocuting yourself, or someone else really would take all of the fun out of your next trip. Now I just say that in jest, but in all seriousness, if any of you think that you may have some exposed wiring or have a connection that you know is faulty, the repair should be handled by an expert. In fact, I always call a professional if  think I might be having an electrical problem. Below is a short story about why you should have an expert help you out:


If you have any questions about electrical issue, call PPL Motorhomes and we can help diagnose your issue. If need be, we will refer you to a qualified electrician. Electricity is very dangerous and can cause very serious injury. In fact, the entire shell of your RV can be lit up like a Christmas tree and you not even know it, so be careful and call a pro.