What’s the Beep?!?

Are you ever annoyed by the flashing lights or beeping sounds coming from your RV? Don’t ignore those…they are warning systems reminding all of us to pay a little more attention and be safe. We all need to do a little preventative maintenance on the safety features of our motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels and not just take them for granted.

As we know, dry cell batteries don’t last forever in your flashlight so why would we expect them to last forever in our carbon monoxide, lp or smoke detectors. Many of the detectors in the RVs are hard wired so there is no need for a dry cell battery, but you still need to test them. Follow the testing instructions provided in the owners manual or on the unit itself.

I have had many qualified RV Parts professionals tell me that these detectors should be replaced every 5 years so I decided to do my homework and find out exactly how I should protect my family. PPL and Safety Alert had a great video that told us so much about these detectors and what we should and shouldn’t do. In fact, my husband changed our detector to the newer dual Carbon Monoxide & Propane Gas alarm…one unit instead of two! So add this to your “TO DO” list and be safe!


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  • since I have dial-up internet I couldn’t watch the video. I’ve been trying to find out why the Saf-t-alert carbon monoxide alarm in my RV chirps just about every evening. sometimes it chirps a few times and other evenings it chirps for about 10 minutes (I understand alarms are ‘set’ to chirp for 7 minutes and if reset will chirp 7 minutes more.
    Mine is hardwired, no battery. What is with the chirping at just that time?
    (no, I don’t use a propane heater and right now, not even using the stove, just nuking food) I know carb alarms can be set off by other odors also, so initially thought since it was on the wall outside the bathroom that could be the issue..but just chirping in the evening?

    • Hey Patricia, It is a common misconception that the alarm would be triggered by other odors. All CO alarms do not sense any other gas/odor than Carbon Monoxide gas period. This is a requirement of the UL Standard.
      Regarding the evening chirp I would bet it is your smoke alarm battery. We get a lot if calls from people who say their CO alarm chirps in the evening/night. I am almost 100% positive that it is the smoke alarm battery. Many folks like to sleep in a cool RV and a weak 9 volt battery will drop in voltage to a point is sets off the smoke alarms low battery warning. Hope that helps.

    • In most of the cases the volume cannot be adjusted. The most common fix
      that I have seen for this is a piece of tape over the speaker for the
      buzzer. Hopefully you can find the buzzer…It is normally buried under
      the dash somewhere :/

      Good question!
      -RV Nana

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