Our family never really announced that we all had a bucket list until last year when we traveled to Fort Davis, Texas (this had been our son in law’s dream and we let him make the plans).  With the exception of the 12 hour drive, it was all wonderful and we saw so many things we never really thought about making plans for in the past.  From Marfa light to the McDonald Observatory and the Buckhorn Saloon in San Antonio, we had a memorable experience and the grand kids are now all thinking about “bucket lists”


The one thing we found helpful was writing all these destinations down on paper.  RV owners are so lucky because we can simply follow our list, stop when we want and enjoy the country side.  After you write down some of your ideas, take time to locate them on your map. This makes it so much easier when you’re traveling somewhere and you realize that the Blue Bell Creamery is only about 20 miles out of your way and well worth the detour.  Add to your bucket list every time you read a new article or hear an RV owner tell a story about their recent trip.  Most of all, make it a family thing and ENJOY!!


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