Rving Can Still be Fun in the Winter

Winter is just around the corner and that means we have to think about our RV before the weather man says “freeze tonight.”    Take time in November to drain the tanks, add RV antifreeze and make sure your RV is ready for the winter!


Does the winter weather mean you travel less in your RV?  We have found that some of the winter weekends have been the best RV adventures, but I know that many of you close up your RV for the winter.  Don’t make the same mistake I did when I left unopened food items in the vehicle all winter.  Take time now to take all the chips, crackers, cereal and rice out now before one of nature’s little critters finds a way to get to it during the winter months.  A small field mouse can get into the tiniest hole and make a big mess.  A little hint I heard about recently was to place fabric softener sheets in all of your cabinets and drawers because animals and bugs hate it.  Sounds like it’s worth a try!