Has your Keystone RV Decals Rubbed off?

I love our Montana Fifth Wheel and am a big fan of the Montana product, but the decals have been a real problem on this one and the last one we owned.  I did find that Keystone has been very helpful by sending us new decals.  Apparently they had a real issue a few years ago with all of their decals, something out of their control, and they are still hearing from owners today with peeling decal issues.  I have heard that if you keep a good coat of wax on your RV it will prevent this peeling, but we were too late and one of ours was bad on the Mountaineer so we had it removed and buffed out.  You can see a slight discoloration on the front cap where this was removed but the sun has to be shining in just the right angle to see it.  Don’t let the decal ruin your Keystone RV experience, call Keystone RV and see what they can do.

UPDATE: May 30th, If you are still searching for new Keystone decals you can contact Retail parts sales at Keystone RV at 866-425-4369. They should be able to help you out.



  1. Gordie Little

    We are looking for the large Cougar logo decal for the front of a 2006 Cougar Travel Trailer. The original has peeled off and needs to be replaced.

    1. Stan Ryback

      Keystone told me “tough crap” also.
      Getting my whole trailer wrapped in cool camo graphics…. and no… I’ll never buy another thing from Keystone. Over 70 people go camping every year with us in upstate NY. Almost all of them have an RV, 5th wheel trailer of some sort.
      Nobody will be buying from Keystone.
      Check out http://www.newagepowder.com.

    2. Al Gould

      This company has replacement packages for some of the Keystone model years, including the 2006 Cougar.


  2. Tom Kopec

    I have a 2002 Montana 2850RK and the decal on my “snout” is fading. Where do you buy new decals?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Tom, we have an email out to Keystone to see if we can get some new decals for you. Sit tight and I’ll let you know when I hear back from them. Hopefully it’s soon.

      1. admin (Post author)

        For new decals call
        Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369

        1. Dominic

          Sadly, not true.
          I contacted Keystone regarding replacement decals. They do not do retail sales direct.

          “Thank you for contacting Keystone RV. We appreciate your inquiry. I apologize; Keystone does not sell retail parts direct. The decals are still available for your 2007 Sprinter. We recommend you contact your nearest Keystone Authorized dealer along with your VIN for parts assistance. Below is Keystone’s online dealer locator:”


          Thank you,

          Tracy Peffley
          Owner Relations Specialist
          Keystone RV Company
          Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc.
          866-425-4369 (Phone)
          866-273-1453/1457 (Fax)
          [email protected]

        2. melody

          I called this number and was directed to call a dealership. Dealership informs me that new decal kit will run me about $2000…… not impressed 🙁 if they know there is OBVIOUSLY an issue with a product they could be more helpful with a solution.

      2. Connie

        We have a 2007 Sydney Outback Fifth Wheel camper. The decals began shrinking a shortly after purchase and then started to peel and curl. We just took it out of storage and it looks terrible! I called Keystone and they told me to call a local dealer as they do not sell retail parts direct. It’s pretty upsetting that a person has so much money invested in their “home” and it looks like crap! Any help would be appreciated.

        1. Chad Westerberg

          If it’s under warranty they told me they would replace the decals.

    2. admin (Post author)

      For new decals call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369

      1. MIYA

        We got a 2003 Mountaineer by keystone 310tbs and the decals all faded and half pealed of, looks real ugly. The stripes decals on the camper are still good . The the decals in between them ( all the ssquiggly lines and names are awful ) can you help?

        1. Nana (Post author)

          I really can’t, there are lots of people who have commented on this and a few solutions proposed. You may want to scroll through the comments.

    3. Pamela Steenbergh

      We own a Montana fifth wheel year 2003 our decals are peeling bad. I was wondering if keystone can send out new ones to us? This will be our last fifth wheel we will own and we would like it to look nice for the remainder years. I know of others that we camp with owns a cougar and you make the same trailer and they got sent free decals that’s why I’m asking. Thank you so much.

  3. Joe Griego

    I would like to know where we can get decals for our RV they have peeled off, and would like to replace please let me know what we can do.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Joe, we have sent an email to Keystone in an effort to get you some replacement decals. We expect to hear back from them soon. I’ll let you know when we do.

    2. admin (Post author)

      For new decals call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369

  4. Debbie W. Moore

    I am looking for a 2005 Outback 5th wheel camper FRONT logo decal. It was removed before we purchase this camper with a razor blade and looks terrible. I would like to know where I can order one. Think I can handle replacing it.

    1. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369

  5. Debbie W. Moore

    How do I reach Keystone to ask about reorder?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Debbie, we have contacted Keystone for you to see how we can get a hold of some decals. Hopefully we hear back from them soon. If not, well, we’ll just keep trying until we do!

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

      1. Vernon

        Concerning ‘I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution’ what is the solution. Keystone has been unresponsive when we called – actually quite rude. Thanks.

    3. admin (Post author)

      For new decals call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369

  6. matt C

    I have a 2009 keystone copper canyon 298FWBHS. We are having major peeling issues on the front cap. The brand name and the logo. We are also having it peeling on the door side by the front and the name on the side.

    I have contacted keystone more than once too se about getting new decals but they simply say “too bad too sad”. I have done lots of research and there are people that are having the same issue as we are and they are getting new stickers. To me this isn’t fair, but maybe you might have better luck.


    1. admin (Post author)

      Matt, sorry to get back to you late. I’ve been hearing a lot of the same things too. I’m calling a friend at Keystone on Monday the 13th to see if we can get a more acceptable answer.
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

    3. admin (Post author)

      For new decals call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369

  7. beverly bailey

    Looking for decals for Laredo camper. Is there a catalog where u can order from

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Beverly, I’m calling Keystone on Monday the 13th to see if we can’t help find decals for you. So far, we’ve not been able to easily find replacements. I’ll reply back ASAP. Sorry for the wait.
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

    3. admin (Post author)

      For new decals call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369

  8. Kristin Bromley

    Purchased a 2008 Keystone Montana Mountaineer and all the decals are faded and peeling off. I would have thought they would have last much longer. Can you help?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Kristin, We have a lot of people who are having issues with their Keystone decals. I’m checking into it Monday the 13th and hope to get an answer for you soon.
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

  9. Daniel Taylor

    We have a 2007 Keystone Zeppelin Z11 without slide. Our decals are pealing or wrinkled because of shrinkage. Looks horrible….:(. How can we get new ones?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Daniel, I’m checking into it Monday and should have some type of answer soon. I’ll send you a message if there’s some way to get new decals.
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

  10. sherry cook

    I have a 2007 springdale by keystone 5th wheel. I need new decals and can NOT find how to get these. When I go to their website it takes me to their floorplans for a new one. Help please.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Sherry, I’m going to call a friend at Keystone on Monday the 13th and see if we can help you get some new decals. Stay tuned.
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

  11. Jay Hofen

    We have purchased a 2006 Montana Mountaineer and the front decal is peeling off. I haven’t contacted Keystone yet but was wondering if there’s some place to purchase new ones?

    1. admin (Post author)

      I’m going to give them a call Monday the 13th and see what I can do to get new decals for you.
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

  12. Sharon Whitmon

    I contacted Keystone about replacing the front Cougar logo on the cap and was tersely told that it is no longer available. So I guess I’m on my own. Some decals are available on ebay. If you do a search, there are some companies that carry various Keystone decals, but I haven’t found the Cougar decal. It would have been nice for Keystone to make some suggestions about where to go or what to do. Guess they don’t care if their name is on the front of campers.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Sharon, I’m giving them a call on Monday the 13th to see if I can make any headway.
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

  13. dennis peterson

    I need to know how to find the large cougar decal on the drivers side of my 2010 cougar 278rks 5th wheel. thanks

    1. admin (Post author)

      Dennis, I’m contacting Keystone on Monday and hope to have an answer for you ASAP.
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

  14. Dona

    We have a 2010 Outback Sydney edition 321FRL fifth wheel that has several decals peeling and rolling on the front portion of the door side of the camper. Please let me know who I can contact for the decals. This is very disappointing to have such a new camper with such bad quality decals. Every time we wash and wax just makes us sick about how the camper looks with the peeling and rolling decals.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hey Dona, I’ll be calling Keystone Monday the 13th and hopefully get a good answer as to how we can get new decals for you. I’ll reply back when I get a good answer. Thanks for letting PPL Motorhomes help you out!
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Margie Goody
      Parts Manager
      574-535-2100 ext 3927
      They were very nice about helping.

  15. Ivan Yackel

    I am looking for a new Montana decal for the nose on my 2002 fifth wheel. Hopefully Keystone can help us out or direct us to a source.

    1. admin (Post author)

      I giving Keystone a call on the 13th to see if we can find away to easily get decals. I’ll replay back when I have an opportunity to get in touch with a rep. Thank for your inquiry!
      RV Nana

    2. admin (Post author)

      I made contact with Keystone and we’ve found a solution, call
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369
      They were very nice about helping.

  16. T. Myers

    I also have decal problems,2004 – 2950-rk Montana– all peeled and look like crap — inside is brand new — tried ( bgs decals ) they no longer make them — need a little help — Thanks — Tom

    1. admin (Post author)

      Tom, I’m going to contact a friend at Keystone Monday the 13th. I’ll get back with you when we figure out the best way to replace your decals. Thanks for reading and commenting!
      RV Nana

  17. Chuck and Linda

    We have a 2009 29RLS Cougar Travel Trailer, stock no.25357, and the smaller decal on the front, ” X Lite” was missing when we bought it. How can we get a decal to replace this?
    Thank you.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Chuck & Linda, I’m looking into it. It’s possible that you (we) will have to go directly through the factory. I’ll get back to you on this ASAP.
      RV Nana

  18. Rob Ketzer

    I have an 2007 Keystone Cougar Xlite with all decals on the front peeled off the words, symbols, and designs…Where can I get replacements…

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hey Rob. You can get replacements here.
      Retail parts sales at Keystone RV 866-425-4369

  19. Delaine Croonenborgh

    Big Sky nose DECALS are rapidly releasing on all edges.

    ………HOW can I halt this deterioration?????

    2007 Big Sky Montana Model. We live in NE FL panhandle Crestview FL. SUN here is

  20. admin (Post author)

    Delaine, your best bet is contact Keystone RV directly at 866-425-4369. Unfortunately, there might not be an effective way to stop the ravages of the Sun on your decals. Replacement might be your only option.

  21. harold haun

    i have a 2010 keystone cougar318sab 5th wheel the decals on the side are rolling up and peeling off any suggestions on finding new ones everyone i have talked to says the keystones ars bad for this thanks harold haun

  22. Karen Lyne

    We have a 2005 3295 Montana by Keystone that the decals are curling and peeling on. We bought this camper new in 2005. Would like to replace the decals as they are looking really bad. Do you know where we can find the 2005 decals?

  23. Bud Watts

    I have a 2006 Keystone Montana 3400rl. The decals on the left side of the Montana are pealing and in need of replacement. Do you know if these are available? Keystone indicates that they will only have the decals for 2008 or later coaches.

  24. mike

    i have a 2008 montana that the decals on front have peeled off and one side is starting to peel.I need help with getting them replaced by keystone.What should i do?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Unfortunately, Keystone is no longer providing them. There are many customers that are actually having them painted on.

  25. Ian Connell

    Our 2008 Montana Mountaineer Travel Trailer has been gradually losing it’s decals. What can we do to have them replaced? Without it’s decals it looks terrible. Has anyone had any satisfaction getting this issue resolved with Keystone?

  26. Gina Cantrell

    Hi! We have a 2009 Keystone Springdale RV that has been stored and still has the “new” smell inside. It’s a beauty….but the decorative decals on the nose by the hitch are hideous. They are faded and badly peeling. I’m afraid to touch them because they look as if they would just fall off. I think I can easily remove them but would very much like to replace them. I cannot find them anywhere! Can you please help me with this matter? Keystone rep wasn’t very helpful. Thanks for anything you can do!

  27. Steve Messenger

    Hello Nana, I was reading your blogs and realize the problems with RV’ers finding Decal replacements. I just wanted to offer some solutions through my Graphics RV website. We have many hard to find parts in stock but also offer a very reasonable option for re-striping your RV with little no artwork charges. I made graphics for many years for the manufacturers and sold that company to Patrick Industries 18 month’s ago and now sell Obsoleted Graphics I purchase from the factories.
    Please take a look at my site when you get a chance-

    Thank you, Steve Messenger
    Graphics RV, LLC
    Elkhart, IN

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks, Steve! Keystone owners might want to check this out!

  28. Fred Park

    I live in Panama City, FL, about 80 miles east of Crestview, FL. I have a 2005 Montana Mountaineer 5th Wheel and the decals on the front cap, rear of the trailer, and both sides are fading or rolling up on the edges. I am trying to locate new decals if they are still available. Where can I find them?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Unfortunately, Keystone is no longer providing decals. A lot of people are having issues, some going as far as having them painted on.

  29. Craig

    I have just spoken with a nice gentleman at keystone at the number you published for obtaining decals. I was told that Keystone cannot sell decals period. I too am looking for a front decal for a 2005 Outback fifth wheel as well as two “Sidney Edition” decals for the sides. My only dealer here told me they will be at minimum $ 150.00 each.—Craig

  30. Brenda Keigher

    I need front decals for front of Fuzion toyhauler. It is 2010, 30.5ft toyhauler trailer. Only the Fuzion decal in red, black, and grey colors.

  31. Irene

    I just called Keystone about my 2007 Montana 3075RFK.
    The front decals started peeling last year, this year we took it out of storage, and the side by the door, all the decals had started coming off, looks like a snake peeling! Keystone and ask them about replacing them they acted like they had never heard of this. And said that they would not replace them. Any way to change their mind? Ordered this brand new, will be the last one I ever buy, sorry we thought they were such a great trailer.

  32. Elmond King

    We have a 2008 Sidney Outback Fifthwheel with the decals peeling and shrinking and looking bad. How can we get decals and how are they applied. Thanks

  33. Eileen Rancilio

    We have a 2007 Mountaineer Montana. Decals started peeling in about 2010. Tried to get satisfaction from Keystone last year to no avail. We’ve spent the last 3 camping weekends this year peeling off the little remaining decals and cleaning glue off of our camper. We will be purchasing NEW decals from a custom website. No more money to Keystone! This is our 5th camper (first 3 were Jayco), and it’s the only one that’s had this problem. Folks, the problem is not your campers, not you, it is with KEYSTONE. Don’t patronize them any longer. Anyone want to get a class action suit against them? I’m IN!!!!

  34. Steve C

    I have a 2009 315RL Laredo 5th wheel ,having same problems with decals as everyone else . Has Keystone quit suppling replacement decals ,if so does anyone know of anyother company that has replacements . Thanks Steve

    1. admin (Post author)

      Steve, the only solution I’ve been able to find, at the moment, is actually having them removed and painted on. The cost wil be much higher, but you won’t ever have to worry about replacing them again. Thanks for the comment!

      1. Sheryl

        This message was in 2013. Anyone find a company that replaces decals? I have a 2003 Montana in almost perfect condition, except for front Montana decal.

  35. Mark Wendt

    We too have 2007 Mountaineer with similar decal issues. When we called Keystone earlier this year they asked for our serial number and then told us they could provide no help and referred us to our local dealer. This seems to be a fairly significant issue and maybe with more pressure Keystone may react.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Mark, as you noted, there are a lot of people experiencing the same issues you are. A little pressure never hurt anyone, and, as you said, it may actually alert Keystone to a growing need for replacement decals. Interesting that they would point you to a dealer when they don’t have the decals themselves, from what I understand. Keep us posted!

  36. Cheryl Noel

    We have a 2004 Cardinal fifth wheel camper which we need new decals. Could you tell me where I could get them..thank you.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Unfortunately, Keystone is no longer supplying decals, as far as I know. I’ve had customers actually have the decals removed and actually painted on. At the moment, that appears to be the only solution to the decal issue.

  37. Jeff DePetro

    I have 2009 Dutchman Denali fifth wheel decals are peeling off. Coud you tell me where I could get new ones.

  38. Dani

    I just got a customer whom I’m developing an adhesive vinyl sticker for exactly this issue. He has a Cougar trailer RV XL lite and his stickers were peeling.

    My decals are full color UV Coated and laminated. Printed on 4mil Vinyl. If you are interested in getting one of these done please contact me at 617-416-8200 I will be glad to help out.

    1. admin (Post author)

      I haven’t seen Daniel’s work, but it’s probably worth giving him a call and checking his stuff out.

    2. Sheryl

      I have a 2003 Montana with front Montana peeling.
      If I take a picture of decal and send measurements can and will you make us one?
      Ray & Sheryl
      989 362-7246

    3. Dani

      At the moment I am not cutting/printing decals for RV’s… I will post here when I’m ready to pick that business up again. Thank you all for your interest, I hope to be able to help you soon.

  39. phillip

    Hello RvNana, I have a 2010 Keystone Sydney and all of my front decals have come off. The sides are also starting to peel. Can you please help me?

    Thank You

  40. Karen Lyne

    Please help us! We have a 2005 Montana 3295 model we bought new. Our graphics are in terrible shape. My husband has washed these the way we were told but they curled and cracked . We would like our camper to look good, especially for the investment it cost! More than the cost of our two first homes together! Please help us find replacements we can put on ourselves.

    1. Sheryl

      Just want to know if you found replacements for your decal on your montana.

  41. Ray W

    I have a 2004 Mountaineer 5th wheel and the decals look terrible and have for several years. Just found this blog and makes me feel better that I’m not alone. I called my dealer and they told me to call Keystone. Called Keystone and they told me to call my dealer.

  42. Sally

    We have a 2007 Montana fifth wheel bought it new. About 2 years after we got it the decals started coming off. I called Keystone and they sent all new one’s but would not pay to have them put on. The problem we have now we need a picture of what it looked like before they were peeling. If anyone could help us with that it would be great.

  43. Jane

    We have a 2006 Mountaineer and the graphics have been pretty nice up until this year 2013, Now they need to be replaced. Yes , we have keep our RV polished and waxed . If anyone has any suggestion let us know…

  44. tim christie

    i have decals from keystone. but they told me they are not resopsible for puting them on or striping the old ones. my camper looks like compltete qrap. to me they new they were bad decals right from the factory. thats why they give them to you free.. i think keystone SHOULD PAY TO GET THEM PUT BACK ON.

  45. Tom Myers

    2004 Montana 2950 rk, bad decals all around ( peeled )2nd. owners,

  46. al remyn

    I live in Southern California and my traler is a 2007 Outback 29 foot. All my decals are cracking, shrinking and peeling. I have pride in my trailer but the decals look owful. Need to replace them. The traler is well taken care of in washing and waxing.
    I hope you can help me.

  47. Larry Odom

    I recently tried to get keystone to replace my decals on my 2005 Laredo Keystone and they was understanding but would not replace them. I did read that they replaced them on some models and years but not mine. they do have replacement decals on ebay and thr numbers above will take you to other sources.

  48. Carol Lawson

    I called the number listed above (866-425-4369)to get replacement decals. They are no help. They just direct you to one of their dealers. They cannot sell to the public.

  49. Lewis Rich

    I am a 3 time Montana Fifth Wheel owner. I bought my last new one in 2008. The Grafics are coming off in a BIG way! I have seen and talked with many Montana owners in RV parks and loads of other places and occasions! I think a class action suit needs to happen on the Grafics issue! I have loved and enjoyed my Montanas very much, but this problem is huge! Is there any support out there?

    1. Sue Fischer

      They sent me new stickers but the chore in removing the old is unbelievable. We look like hillbillys going down the road. I have seen other Montanas with the exact same problem. You spend 10s of thousands on trailers it should not look like this. It is embarrassing

  50. Debbie Haener

    We have a 2008 Montana, purchased new, and the graphics have been peeling since the first year. We got no support from the dealer, and they weren’t encouraging about Keystone being of any help. We were commuting a lot due to work, so did not take time to deal with them. We are now retired and it’s very frustrating to pull into nice parks and, in spite of taking good care of our trailer, it looks like crap on the outside due to the graphics! I’ve seen a few Montana decals on eBay but they aren’t the right ones for our trailer. Ive read so many stories of Montana owners having the same problems, and walking through an RV park you will see the proof on most Montana 5th wheels. Something definitely should be done! Class action suit… I’m on board with that! What does it take and how do we get it started?

    1. Keith and Sue rogers

      We are late getting into this discussion by more than a year. However, we are definitely “in” on a class- action suit about the decals. We have a 2009 Montana and it looks awful. We love our 5th wheel, but are embarrased by the outside! Is there a lawsuit going on, and if not, how do we get one going?

  51. John Kennedy

    call me at 608-957-1014 called number and there no help on replacement decals.Thanks,John

  52. Nick

    Talking with other campers it sure seems to be a huge problem. We too have a disappointing experience with our Keystone RV Company product quality and support. It is important to share our experience so we are better educated when we vote with our money.

    Since my wife and I liked the look and design of Keystone units we ultimately decided to purchase a 30 foot 2012 Keystone Passport. At just over one year old the decals were peeling. I contacted Keystone RV Company and here is their exact response:
    “Unfortunately, there is no life expectancy for when the decals will or will not peel. … Considering the time out of warranty and history in mind, we regret to inform you that Keystone will be unable to participate with replacement decals. Pending availability, you can pursue purchasing replacements through a Keystone dealer. You may utilize our online dealer locator: http://www.keystonerv.com.”

    It is very disappointing when you spend a lot of money on a product then quickly have quality issues. It is certainly unfortunate this company has poor quality and doesn’t care about it.

    Consumers be warned!!! Keystone RV Company has decal quality issues. Consider this in determining what you are willing to pay for their units. It is not much fun being the 2-year old crappy looking unit in the campground. Thanks, Nick

  53. Karna Peplinski

    Cougar 239SAB 2009, the driver side only is effected. The decals on that side have cracked and peeled. Is there any hope of Keystone replacing the decals?

  54. Tony Moore

    I own a 2002 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel and all of the decals have peeled and look terrible. I have removed all of the decals and am in process of buffing out the entire fifth wheel. I have previously contacted Keystone regarding the issue and was told they cannot get these decals anymore so I am hoping you can help me find some replacements or a reputable company that can design a new decal kit for my rig. Thank you!!!

  55. Melissa Palmer

    I just bought a 2009 Keystone Copper Canyon, I knew the graphics were coming off but did not realize that they would be such a hassle to replace. Has anyone had luck with Keystone sending out replacement decals?

  56. Vicky Sady

    I too am having problems with my 2006 Montana stickers does anyone know if it is still true that they will replace?





  59. james cate

    I HAVE 2008 38FT MONTANA NEED TO THE Grafics

  60. Dan Brown

    I have a 2013 Keystone Cougar Lite, the dealership replaced the decals under warranty in Sept. of 2014 after they started to peel. It is now May of 2015 and the front decals are peeling again, as well as the strips on both sides. I contacted Keystone and they said too bad so sad and will do nothing for us. $40,000 trailer and they won’t cover a factory defect worth a couple hundred dollars.

  61. Brad Kitchen

    I have a 2010 Keystone Outback and the decals are horrible. There peeling, faded, and makes the 5th wheel look very old. I have had several Keystones and probably wont buy another one just because of these decals. The rest of the trailer is solid. Calling the Keystone 866-425-4369 number gets you to a person who tells you to go order them through camping world or another rv center. No help from them at all.

  62. Kathy

    I don’t want to be redundant, but we too, have decals peeling off of our 2007 Montana fifth wheel. It has been frustrating trying to find a solution for replacement, any help would be appreciated. Regards, Kathy

  63. Julie

    I have a 2004 Keystone Cougar travel trailer. We have had the decals curling and falling off after the one year warranty expired. We still have our trailer and it really looks bad on the outside. Gorgeous inside. I’ve contacted the above Keystone phone number only to be redirected to a dealer. So I told them no thanks and would contact the dealer where we purchased it but they haven’t called me back and it’s been a week now. Is there a place where we could get some help without paying an arm and leg? This should not be happening. Disappointing and who would want to purchase a Keystone Cougar when they look this bad? Once the sale is made … See ya! Help!

  64. Chris Christiansen

    We recently purchased a 2002 Keystone Montana fifth wheel model 3295RK. The Montana decals are curling up and the stripping is cracked. There are 3 of the Montana decals in total. The mountain scene is faded but not curling or cracking. My husband has tasked me with finding replacement decals. Where do I find dealerships that offer the decals? I have tried the Keystone website but cannot seem to find the decals. I am just lost and need guidance. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide me.

  65. M Wilcox

    I have a 2008 Montana big sky 360rlq, the decals are peeling on all sides from the edges from reading I see that keystone doesn’t care and all of their rvs suffer the same issue. is there a class action suit going on this?


    We have a 2009 Montana Mountainer special edition

    How can we get a decal to replace this?

  67. Sue Fischer

    they sent us new ones but getting the old ones off are unbelievable

  68. Linda Dahl

    We have a 2009 Springdale by Keystone and all the decals are coming off . We are trying to sell to upgrade to a bigger Rv and would like to find someone who sells replacement decals . We would like to give Keystone free advertising as we do love our Rv but soon we will just take all the decals off ( it will look better )

  69. Tina Guth

    We just brought a 2010 Raptor Velocity all decals on the left side are gone and the nose cap is gone. looks like a fema trailer. I agree with Lewis Rich on the class action suit. Looks like Keystone would stand behind there product and fix it.

  70. Tracy Rodriguez

    I called as well and emailed. Keystone refused to help because the decals were “out of warranty.” I’m very disappointed. We take great care of our travel trailer and now the decals make the outside look terrible as they are fading and peeling. We own a 2009 Keystone 29FKS. I hope you can help us resolve our conflict with Keystone. Thank you!

  71. kris

    All of our decals have peeled off on our 2007 3400 Montana and it looks awful. What can I do

  72. Frank George

    Hello, I have a 2008 Keystone Montana 5th wheel, model 3400RL. The decals are peeling and flaking off everywhere including the back. I have kept it professionally waxed, etc.
    I telephoned and spoke with a Keystone rep who told me basically, ” too bad, we can’t help”, call your local RV Dealer. I couldn’t believe it, to spend the amount of money on what I thought was a reputable manufacturer (Keystone) and then absolutely no customer service? Where and who can I trust for continued customer service on their product?
    Can you help me?
    Thanks, Frank

  73. Russell Spahr

    I too have a horrendous problem with peeling decals. I have a 2008 VR1.

    It is difficult to believe that Keystone would leave their customers hanging like this and a bunch of Keystones with peeling decals out there. It is very bad public relations for them not standing behind their product.

  74. Bob Herman

    I have a 2008 Montana 34RL that I was considering selling or trading. When I found out how much I was being charged for the bad decals I called Keystone and talked to Lisa about helping with the cost. She refused. About two years ago they sent me the front decal and wanted me to pay to have it put on. I believe there is a law that makes exception to a warranty, if they do not have you sign a goodwill form the factory assumes and extends their responsibility. I am interested in a class action. Keystone knew of these bad decals years ago and should have had a recall and taken care of their problem. Please email me if you would like to consider this action.
    Thank you

    1. Bev

      Hi Bob,
      I have a 2007 Montana 34RL and started having decal problems years ago. I agree they should have replaced these for us as a recall. I am interested in learning more about your intent to take legal action. My preference would be they step up and take care of the problem for us; but it doesn’t seem they are going to do this.

    2. Charlotte Mamerow

      I bought a brand new Montana fifth-wheel in 2006. Every sticker has faded, peeled or curled. My $56,000 travel trailer looks terrible. I too would be interested in joining a class action suit. This has been going on too long and for too many owners. They need to be held accountable and make this right.

    3. Keith and Sue rogers

      Yes…we are ready to enter into a class-action lawsuit with Keystone! No excuse for their lack of concern about the decals.

    4. Anna M Mills

      We have a 2007 Big Sky Montana 5th wheel and the decals are peeling off. I am interested in getting a class action law suit against Keystone to make them stand behind their product.

  75. Rick Roberts

    Hi, looking for a front decal for our 2008 cougar bunkhouse model travel trailer
    love the trailer but the decal on the front is peeling bad and has been stored inside since new.

  76. Teri Genteman

    2008 Keystone Cougar (276rls) front decal is also peeling bad. Is there any update on getting new ones?

  77. Chip Davis

    I purchased a 2007 Keystone Passport Ultralite and over 50% of the decals are gone, and most of the ones remaining are damaged.

    I found some of the missing decals at this site, (not all that I need). They only have one decal that i need in stock.


  78. Bobby Burnett

    I have an 2009 keystone and decals are peeling really bad ,looks really bad! What can I do?

  79. Theresa Lee

    My husband and I own a 2007 Keystone Cougar, which we purchased new. We’ve had the same experience with peeling emblems and the “too bad” response from Keystone. We plan on removing all our emblems and not replacing them. If asked, we’ll be happy to tell our fellow RVers that it’s a Keystone and how we’ll never give them another one of our hard earned dollars!

  80. Darren Patrick

    I have a 2008 sprinter and my decals are curling and cracking. This trailer is the worst I have owned. The thing rattles apart. There is something to fix every time we take it out. Would never buy another one. Class action…….count me in

  81. Linda

    Help! We have a 2004 Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel that all of the decals are peeling off, it looks horrible. Contacted Keystone and we were told that they don’t make them. Does any one know where we can buy any?

  82. Brent McNeill

    I had a cedar creek with some of the same issues that is why we started making replacement decals for RV’s. It seems around 2007 and 2008 most companies had a problem with the quality of vinyl that was supplied to them for RV Decals. To date we have redone quite a few trailers in Texas and some from farther away for the same reason, peeling decals and either discontinued or not available.

  83. Doyle Hudson

    I have 2007 30RLS Outback travel trailer.
    Used very little, and have the same decal problem
    as so many others have. I wasn’t aware of such a
    problem as getting the decals replaced.
    Front decal is coming off, the rest are fair shape.
    Love the trailer inside, but outside looks awful.

  84. Liz

    I have a complete set of graphics for a 2009 montana for sale odd smoke is interested. 405 402 9599. I can text pics of needed. Taking offers. Was 2400.00

  85. Liz

    Oops sorry, didn’t proof read. Complete set, of graphics for Montana, 2009 . If anyone is interested before i put on ebay. They are the chocolate/ blue color. . Text 20th your offer. Can seems pics of trailer, that it’s for, . Same graphics, just never used them. 4054029599

  86. Bp

    I caalled, they know the problem but refuse to do more than refer u to a dealer. Dealer says ther is no packet with all decals. Keystone want u to by each one at a time. More money for them

  87. Jon

    I have a 2010 Springdale, just about all the decals have started peeling off, it does not look good. The front decals are just about gone except for little pieces spread all over. Finding replacements is ridicules. All i have found is Keystone Authorized dealers that nickle and dime you to death for each decal, and the decals are not cheap at authorized dealers. I will stay away from Keystone from now on from this experience

  88. Ralph Santos

    I have a 2007 keystone springdale and all the decals are cracked and peeling anybody know where I can get replacements my unit is like brand new inside but these decals make the outside look like a basket case I will pay for them but can’t find any tried everywhere any help is appreciated tried Keystone but was told they do not do anything retail tried retail authorized shop still no luck any help is appreciated

  89. Chris Christiansen

    I am in need of new decals for a 2002 Montana 3295RK model. The large decal on the back side is the only decal that does not need replaced. Even the lettering needs to be replaced. Please direct as to where I can locate the decals as I have been in contact with Keystone and they say it is not their responsibility to assist with the decals as they are done outside the factory but will not provide the company that is responsible for the poor workmanship. Any assistance is appreciated.

  90. Patrick Flood

    I have a 2012 keystone Raptor and all the decals on the front cap are peeling,even bought extended warranty but they tell me decals are not covered

  91. Michelle Henrikson

    More decal issues, kind of…. We have a 2010 Montana 3150RL that the entry door failed with at least 8 horizontal cracks in the interior panel of the door.
    After much head banging with Keystone “customer no service”, I was finally able to get ahold of the door manufacturer, Lippert Components. They have graciously agreed to help with the door defect. I have again attempted to ask Keystone to at least provide a decal set for the new door. Several emails and voice mails have gone unanswered. I am now waiting for a phone call back (right….) from a supervisor of customer service. Any friends left at Keystone you can call for assistance? So frustrated…next RV will not be Keystone, that’s for sure.

  92. Nancy

    Anyone know where I can get 2009 Springdale mountain decals for a 298 Bhs they have all peeled

  93. Paul Faith

    We Own a 2008 Keystone Passport and are having the same issue. All of the Decals are peeling. I called Keystone and they asked for my VIN #. There Response was too bad. Contact local Dealer to order at retail price. The local Dealer tried to get pricing and information regarding it Decals are available. They never got a response back from Keystone.
    I’m getting my trailer painted a tan color with no decals. Keystone Sucks. We should all file a Class Action Suite against them.

  94. Lucas

    I bought used 2007 Keystone Fuzion 362… same ole story. too bad too sad we don’t care about your problems response from keystone.

  95. Bret Jenkins

    I need all of the decals for a 2009 Montana Mountainare.
    Will you please give me a total cost?

  96. Bret Jenkins

    I need a quote for all of the decals on the 2009 Montana mountainaine. Will you please send me a quote? Thanks

    1. admin (Post author)

      I apologize, Bret, PPL Motorhomes does not sell replacement decals for Keystone. Check through the other comments, I believe that you may find some help there.

    2. Ed Dekens

      Did you not read through the 100’s of previous complaints prior to asking your stupid question twice in 2 minutes? get a clue.

  97. C Craig

    We own a 2007 Keystone Cougar and the front cap decal is total disintegrated. The side decal are beginning to peal as well. We called Keystone and they said it’s from waxing too much. REALLY! Never buy a KEYSTONE!

    1. Jane P

      That’s funny, because my 2010 Cougar decals are peeling and I have never waxed the unit… LOL

  98. Daniel Eilts

    I have the same problem with my 2007 Keystone sidney outback 32qrbh paid good money for this camping trailer and after four years started cracking up fee paid good money for this camping trailer and after four years started cracking and peeling because of the way the decals looks The front nose decal is missing completely the dealer wants to knock me down so much On a trade in It is not even worth it for me to traded in I have tried calling to get a new decals and gotten the same responses I found if I take pictures of them or pull pictures off of other campers on line I can go to my local graphics dealer and get them made their reasonably but I agree we should not have to pay for their messed up that they are well aware of

    I am with everyone else we should do a class action As of right now I would never buy a Nother Keystone product

  99. Dave Malcolm

    We own 2007 Cougar 5th wheel and as above, all our decals are peeled, cracked, faded etc. We had a dealer here in Saskatchewan check on cost to order new ones from Keystone and it was about $1500 – $1800US plus shipping, brokerage and customs. Then you have to remove and replace. Also, what kind of decals are you getting? …….. same poor quality?
    We checked with a couple vehicle graphic detailers and all in it was about $3200 to $3500.
    So, basically a wash. And doing nothing, we have lost in value/depreciation.
    Class action sounds great to me.

  100. Butch Oswalt

    2008 Montana Big Sky 5th Wheel. We watch the graphics peel off as we drive down the road. On our way to Texas last fall the “Big Sky” decal on the nose literally disintegrated on the trip. Bodes the question: How does a company with such a widely known reputation for bad graphics continue to be a #1 seller?

    Very disappointed.

  101. Tracy Lawhon

    I have a 2008 keystone cougar that has all deciles peeling off I need some help please

  102. dcg

    You have to go through a dealer. Keystone offers no direct support!

  103. Debbie Miller

    If anyone files a class action, pls let me know.
    2010 Cougar with peeling decals

  104. james irvin

    I have a 2010 Spring dale 284 and I have been looking for the front decal but cannot find it. Do you know where I can go to find it?

  105. Janet

    I have a 2008 Montana Mountainer 37.5 ‘. When we bought it new the front decals were all peeling off. They gave us new decals. Now 8 years later the decals on the sides are all cracked and peeling off. Tried to get help from Keystone but they said no warrantee and go to a dealer. No satisfaction. Would definitely join a class action suit.

  106. John meadors

    I need Decals for at 2010 Outback 300HB

  107. Christina Warren

    I also have a Keystone Raptor with peeling deals and this is the reply that I received:

    > Thank you for contacting Keystone RV. I am sorry to read that you are experiencing problems with your 2008 Keystone Raptor. Occasionally a problem will present itself on one of our units. For these occasions, Keystone provides each customer with a One Year Limited Warranty. The warranty on your unit expired on 6/28/2009.
    > After the warranty expiration date we review everything on a case by case basis, per VIN; while looking at the entire history of the unit i.e. claims within warranty period, repeat issues, and call ins from the retail.
    > Considering the time out of warranty and history in mind, we regret to inform you that Keystone will be unable to participate with replacement decals. Pending availability, you can pursue purchasing replacements through a Keystone dealer.
    > Please know that Keystone stands ready to assist you with answering questions should the need arise. “

  108. Christina Warren

    Please contact me with any actions that are being taken for a class action. Thank you!

    1. Bartlow

      Please let us know as well! Husband is in the service and returned from overseas to a trailer that looks horrible. Received zero help from customer service.

  109. Gail

    Keystone will sell you new decals, if available, but only through a dealer. Our replacement decals lasted less than 2 years before fading, cracking and peeling. So . . . after much online research we removed them and just finished painting new decals, all except for the ‘Cougar by Keystone’ decals which we’ll order through our dealer and replace. Removing decals and glue was time consuming. Prepping was also time consuming but the actual spray painting went quickly with end result beautiful and looking very professional. Hoping they outlast Keystone decals.

  110. Gail

    Keystone will sell new decals, if available, but only through a dealer. Our replacement decals lasted less than 2 years before fading, cracking and peeling. So . . . after much online research we removed them and just finished painting new decals, all except for the ‘Cougar by Keystone’ decals which we’ll order through our dealer and replace. Removing decals and glue was time consuming. Prepping was also time consuming but the actual spray painting went quickly with end result beautiful and looking very professional. Hoping they outlast Keystone decals.

    1. Debbie Miller

      Did you do it yourself. How did you remove the old ones?

      1. admin (Post author)

        I’ve personally never removed one. I guess it would depend on the condition it was in. It could be as easy as warm water, soap and a coarse brush. Any readers out there have experience in removing them?

        1. Kris

          I have spent time removing fading and peeling decals from my 40 foot Fuzion. If you do it properly it is extremely time consuming but can be done with decent results. The issue isn’t just getting the decal off and the glue without damaging the coach which is time consuming by istelf. You also have to blend where it has been sun faded or yellowed with the portions that have been under a decal. I suppose if you can get a replacement decal in exactly the same spot and it is exactly the same size this becomes less of a worry.

          There are lots of YouTube videos on how to do this and was my best resource.

  111. Stan Steier

    We have a 2010 cougar and decals are faded and peeling, we bought the trailer May 7/2016, nice floor plan. Dealer said he would replace them when we bought the trailer now he says can he can’t get them.

    1. Larry West

      I have a almost complete set of decals for a Keystone Cougar Camper. Anyone that is interested in the decal please email me.

      1. Darnell

        What camper decals do you have?…and price?

        1. Larry West

          I have the complete set except for one of the cougar decals on the side. Make a offer because I sold my camper and no longer need them.

  112. Tammy Caruso

    We are looking for 2005 montana mountaineer bunkhouse replacement decals. They have all started curling and peeling up. How and where can we get the whole set?

  113. Kathy J

    Our 2004 Montana Mountaineer decals where looking very bad. They are all faded and pealing. So we started removing them last week when it was hot and sunny. If you work slowly and patiently, they are not hard to get off. A good Hair dryer, an old credit card is all you need. Now we need to find new decals.
    Would it be bad idea to upgrade to a “different” style of decals on our 5th wheel? Thinking of custom look, Also want new “leather” sofa. But may want to someday sell 5th wheel for newer one.

  114. greg guinup

    have the same problem peeling decals front /back/side on a2008 Laredo just cheap decals from keystone they don’t care about repeat customer because they sell so many I will not ever buy an think made buy keystone

  115. Denny Zander

    Yes 2010 toy hauler all decals falling looks like !!!!!!!!

  116. Denny Zander

    Like everyone else 2010 toy hauler looks like !!!!!!! Decals falling off all over
    Lot of money own down the drain

  117. Jane P

    the decals started peeling first on the front cap…. Now the front cap has delamination bubbles appearing.. (sigh) 2010 Cougar…

  118. debora luna

    I would be interested in a suit if that’s what it takes. I have a 2010 and graphics are horrible. I have emailed with no reply. Next step is BBB. Paid far too much to get quality then we have this…not acceptable!!!

  119. Joe Bodi

    After reading all of the above, I cannot believe that Keystone is still in business!!! A class action lawsuit sounds good to me.

  120. Dave farmer

    The decals came off our 2007 in just a few years. They really should pay for them. And to clean the mess off is extremely hard and time consuming. I hope they get a big lawsuit.

  121. Brad Kitchen

    I have a 2010 Keystone Outback Sydney addition. All the decals are shrinking and peeling. It really looks like crap. I am very particular about my 5th wheel. I will never buy another Keystone product again. I would be happy to join a class action against Keystone..

  122. Robert

    I own a 2010 Hornet and my decals began peeling within the 1st 3 months. It was a small spot here and there and we just wrote it off to possibly a mistake during manufacture. I guess we were really really wrong. Moths later and the “Hornet” decal peeled. I contacted my dealer Roy’s RV In Elkins WV. which told me they would research and call me back. I was told this 3 times and the dealer NEVER responded. Well at this point almost every decal is peeling. I called the number that was listed as Retail Sales and like everyone else, it was not and I was referred to a dealer. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  123. Wallace Martin

    I own a 2007 Montana with all the Decal problems mentioned above. I would also be interested in a Class Action Law Suit.

  124. B.C.

    Our decals on our 2008 36Ft Raptor Toyhauler have peeled off on all sides it looks rough. We have tried contacting them more than once about the problem and we have never gotten anywhere.

  125. Claudette Moreau

    We also bought a 2009 Fifth wheel RV in 2010 and made several complaints that all our decals were rubbing off I would like to have them replaced but they are so expensive how much would it cost to have the entire front and side replaced it is quite embarrassing travelling with a camper with all the decals peeling off ?

  126. karina

    help i am looking for a springdale logo that has already half rubbed off and the rest is just faded, where can i get a new one for my 29′ 2008 rv. where can i find a new one, it looks horrible,

  127. terry mccarty

    I have a 2009 Keystone Raptor with all the decals peeling off where can I find new decals and will Keystone help paying for them

  128. James & Margaret McKian

    We have a “2008” Laredo Fifth Wheel and most of the
    decals are coming off. What would be the best way to
    contact someone that could help us get “new” decals?

  129. Lorna Wade

    We have a 2004 Keystone Mountaineer that the decals look so shabby and they are peeling off, the front cap of the 5th wheel you can barely see them…we love our Montana but it looks horrible and we need new decals for it at no cost to us if at all possible…they sent our friends out new decals at no cost for theirs…so please help us…we lost everything in a wildfire and we need these to make our living quarters look nice..

  130. Dusty

    We have a 2008 Keystone Copper Canyon 5th wheel. The decals peeled not once but twice! We had to go to the dealer the first time to get them replaced. Cost us $1,000. I don’t want to pay for a second set. Did most people get them replaced for free?

  131. Wade

    I have an 11 291TG Keystone Laredo the decals are cracking and pealing. Keystone customer service, Janine, told me it was because I got wax on them. They will not warrant them. Keystone does not have access to them any more. She gave me the name of Burlington graphics who originally provided them to Keystone. Elizabeth at Burlington said they do not sell retail. Unacceptable on many fronts. No one makes this type of investment to look this bad 5 years later. Waxing decals does not ruin them according to this page. Customer service at Keystone should know whether Burlington graphics will retail.

  132. Ted Grzeskowiak

    Wow, I have a 2009 Montana Big Sky, it spent a lot of time in the great state of Texas, I just blamed my stickers pealing on the hot sun!
    beautiful trailer, but my decals make it look like it is twenty year’s old.

  133. Larry West

    I have a almost complete set of decals for a Keystone Cougar camper. Anyone that is interested in purchasing them please email.

    1. Marc

      i search a complete decals for a cougar fifth wheel 324 2011.


      1. Larry West

        Thank you for your interest. My set is for a 2010 and I checked and they changed them on the 2011.

  134. Robin Smith

    We own a 2009 Montana RV. Decals are splitting, shrinking, pulling apart, and peeling off for the last 7 years. I just called customer service and all they did was argue with me and basically blame me. RV has never been waxed, alway stored under a cover, so no long term sun exposure. They claim no defect in decal manufacturing, so no recall, so not under warranty, so too bad for me! Can you help Nana? We love our trailer and really don’t want it to look like it does now.

    1. admin (Post author)

      This has been an on going battle for lots of folks, Robin. Unfortunately you aren’t the only one who is getting stiff armed. As of now, there are 194 comments with RVers experiencing the same thing and I don’t think any of them have been able to get a resolution either. I wish I could be more of a help, but I’ve been told the same thing about replacement stickers. I’d continue to contact them and others who are having issues. There is strength in numbers and maybe they will address this obvious issue more favorably. If you do find a resolution, please let me know so I can pass the word.

  135. Gary Martin

    I have a 2009 Laredo that I need to replace the graphics on. Are the replacements still available?

    Gary Martin

  136. [email protected]

    Keystone is not the only brand having problems. Over the past few years we have gotten requests from many owners of all different brands. It seems a lot of the makers are using vinyl made overseas to save on costs, the downside is the quality is poor. On top of the other problems most of the owners have tried to obtain new decals only to be told after a couple of years they are obsolete and can’t be found. We get lots of work from the local RV dealer to make decals they can’t even get. I have had to recreate many of them from pictures and measurements.

  137. Nikki Salik

    We have a 2007 Keystone Cougar 5th wheel travel trailer with the front decal and the back decal also peeling off and it looks awful. We have cleaned and waxed it along with keeping it shaded out of the sun. Help!!!!

    1. admin (Post author)

      There is a phone# at the end of the article you can try calling. However, as of right now, I am not aware of Keystone resolving these issues. Sorry.

  138. Bill MOREN

    ADD ME TO THE GROWING LIST. My 2008 Montana decals are all curling up and coming off. Called Keystone today, They said sorry, out of warranty.

    May be a class ACTION SUIT would get their attention. You think.

  139. Thu Frisella

    Nice info. Thanks!

  140. Ron Gill

    Have a 2006 Keystone Cougar 5th wheel . Almost all decals are peeling off. Contacted dealer for price on new. 2800 dollars and that does not include the largest decal for the front. It is not available.

  141. Johnny Minor

    Looking for a decal package for a 2010 Keystone Cougar XLite. Any info would help.

    1. Larry West

      I have a decals for 2010 Keystone Cougar. Contact me at [email protected].

      1. Johnny Minor

        Larry the link you sent will not let me reply. How much are your decals?

        1. Larry West

          I will take 1000.00 + shipping for the decal package which is much less that the 2800.00 that is posted in the above posting. It is the complete set minus one on the Cougar decals that goes on the side of the camper. If you will send me your email address, I will send you the camper diagram that shows all the decals to make such that the decals are the correct ones.

          1. Mark

            Larry, did you ever sell your 2010 Cougar decals?

          2. Larry west

            Mark, I still have the decals for the cougar camper

  142. Kris

    Add me to the list of decal issues. In my case every decal on my RV is shot. It will be a blank white canvas after I’m done removing them all.

    I think at this point I wouldn’t want to get direct replacements unless they were substantially better quality, which I doubt they are. To much work/money to remove and reapply every couple of years.

    I would urge someone in the industry to create price effective decal packages for people in this situation. I don’t care if the decals fit necessarily in the same pattern and say “Keystone” or whatever model in them. Just a nice package that would make an RV look nice rather than looking like I purchased it in the 80’s. If there already is….I’m looking for you now!!

    1. Nana (Post author)

      Kris, I believe that somewhere in the 211 comments on this blog someone mentioned actually forking over a little cash and getting it airbrushed on. If there are any airbrush automotive artists out there, you have at lease 211 potential jobs waiting for you in this comment thread.

  143. Bartlow

    My husband is in the military and was stationed overseas and came back to find all of his decals had curled and peeled! It is unsightly. When he called the number they told him they would not help him. What can we do?

  144. Liza Lowe

    Looking for 2007 Keystone Sprinter decals. Ours is bubbled up and looks terrible! Any help would be appreciated!

    1. MSG David Hodgens

      MSG retired military, try to save all my decals by keeping my 2007 mountaineer under cover,wash and wax but still lost all of mine. They curled and peeled off too.Would like to find some at a reasonable price. We also had a cougar with same problem, let it go cheap because it look bad .If someone finds a cheap print shop please let everyone know it will be appreciated.

  145. Karen Brunmeier

    Our 2007 Montana 33′ 5th Wheel is having the same decal problems as all of the above. We have owned 3 other 5th wheels and have never had this problem with any of them. Seems to me Keystone had better start helping us or enough bad reviews will start hopefully hurt enough they will stand behind their product.
    Doubtfully though from reading all the above. Will sell this and not buy another Keystone product.

  146. Jeff Parko

    I have been calling and sending letters to Keystone about my decals peeling off for the past seven years. 2011…2 years after I purchased it. Keystone said it was out of warranty. The decal problem is totally out of control, they are all falling off. The Thor material testing managers are to blame. If a car manufacture did this you would have a national product recall. The public trust in the manufacture has been violated. Keystone needs to stand behind their product, and make this faulty material failure right. Why would any one purchase a THOR product. Forest River supports their customers when just such problems occur.
    The problem is just going to get worst, because the new CEO does not support dealership product claims. Why… in this way he can maximize company profits. They have over sold product inventory, and now THOR products will loose their value/ market share due to lack of customer / owner support. Customers will switch to a brand that helps it customers, not just get the money and then runs away. There is going to be major THOR inventory discounting in six months, or the dealerships will fold up their places of business.

  147. Tammy Tucker

    Decals are peeling off, 2013 Keystone Outback, dealership stated they have been discontinued.

    Looking for decals for a 2013 Keystone Outback.

  148. Deborah Miller

    Any luck with a class action suit? Larry West do you still ha evyour 2010 Cougar decals? Has anyone had success selling their trailers?

    1. Larry West

      Yes I still have the decals.

  149. Don Brumfield

    Like everyone else, My decals are awful on my 2006 Keystone Cougar fifth Wheel. Would love to purchase replacements.

  150. Harold Beard

    I have a beautiful grey 2011 Keystone Cougar High Country 29BHS! It has been covered since day one and is in show room condition; except for the front cap decals that are peeling off! My dealer was not any help! Add my name to any list for a class action lawsuit! Thanks!

  151. Ginger Yielding

    Decals fading and peeling on my 2006 Keystone Outback bunker camper , Sure wish Keystone would do something about all of the decals gone bad

  152. Larry West

    Almost complete set of decals for 2010 Keystone Cougar for sale. Sold camper and no longer need the decals, Please email me @ [email protected] any questions. Thanks

  153. Steve ONeil

    Larry, how much are you asking for the complete set. Will it work for a 318SAB.

    1. Larry

      Thanks for you interest Steve. Please advise what year the your camper is. I have a diagram that shows the decals that I could email to you to see if they are the same decals.

  154. Jen Sweeney

    I have a 2009 Montana Mountaineer and the decals have been peeling off for years!! They’re almost completely gone and it looks horrible! Our last name is vinyled on our door with vinyl I bought on Amazon and cut with a little Cricut Machine… IT is still in perfect condition. We love our fifth wheel and are so upset that the outside has to look like this!

  155. paul miles

    I have a 2008 Keystone Sydney addition I called the 866 425 4369 number. not helpful at all. Told me to contact a dealer. When I referenced that I was referred to call this number they told me that even if Keystone were to get involved it would start through a dealer. not sure where to turn, certainly not going to pay thousands of dollars for the stickers.

  156. Jason

    Looking for 2005 Keystone Montana 3295 RK decals….the ones I have are disintegrating….terrible….please help…I called the number and they referred me to a local dealer…Why dont they stand behind their products? Would love to know that we can get them and in black and grescale aswell not the red whit and blue…Nana…any help…

  157. Jason M

    Looking for 2005 Keystone Montana 3295 RK decals….the ones I have are disintegrating….terrible….please help…I called the number and they referred me to a local dealer…Why dont they stand behind their products? Would love to know that we can get them and in black and grescale aswell not the red whit and blue…Nana…any help

  158. [email protected]

    I I bought my 2010 fusion and the first year the decal started curling I called keystone and I got the same old bull crap it not under warranty I will never but another keystone again class action sounds good

  159. Susan zirkle

    I agree on class action for decals

  160. Hutch

    I have the the same problem on my 2016 Keystone Raptor. I contacted them at [email protected] and got the “not a manufacturingt defect problem” from them.

  161. Ron

    add me to the list 2009 Montana anniversary edition 34 rl

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