Do You Know the Features to Check for in a RV?

When buying an RV, most people remember to check the obvious: floor plan, room size, closet and storage space, number of slides, appliances, entertainment and communications equipment, function of plumbing and electrical systems, heating and cooling capacity, etc. And while these items are of the utmost importance, when you live in a smaller space for an extended duration of time, the other “little” things will surely have a great impact on your travels. When you’re shopping for an RV, don’t forget to take a look at these small but critical features:

> Make sure the size of the bed is compatible with your size.  You might want to even lay in them to get a good grasp on if you fit or not. Because RV furniture is intended to fit in a compact space, manufacturers often shave a couple of inches off standard measurements. Take the case of the queen size RV bed.  While a normal queen is 80 inches long, in an RV, that same bed could be only 74-75 inches.  While you may not think thats a big deal, in the event you happen to be over 6 feet tall, it certainly could cause problems.

> Along with the bed size, make sure you are comfortable with the size of the couch. They may be undersized to fit the constraints of the RV. If you enjoy stretching out on the couch to watch TV or a movie, this could possibly be a problem.


> It might also be wise to take a look at the dimensions of the shower inside the RV. If your elbows constantly bump the walls or you need to crouch down to get your head under the shower head, you’ll wish you’d chosen an RV with a larger shower. Same goes for the toilet.  It is important to test these areas out so you don’t run into problems after you have purchased your RV.