What Can You Find At an RV Campground?

RV campgrounds are a great place to have fun, park your home, relax, or go on an adventure. If you are new to these places, you may be confused, or miss out on all they have to offer.We can’t guarantee that every campground will be the same, but here are some things you should look for when choosing where to call it a night.There are two main styles of campgrounds, private and public.Public campgrounds are usually at state parks, national parks and forests, BLM areas, and Army Corps of Engineers. The reputation and offerings are pretty consistent with these types of campsites.
Something to keep an eye out for, at either type of campsite, is what kind of services do they offer. Do they have electric and 50amp hookups? Do they offer clean water and sewer removal? These are probably the two most significant questions to find the answers to. Onsite pools, wireless internet and cable TV are now offered at a number of the more upscale campgrounds.Don’t forget about Fido! Even though these days it’s rare to find, but some campsites still don’t allow pets of any kind!

When you arrive to your campsite, your most important tool will be using your gut to decide on if you should stay or pack up. Look around. Determine if the owners take care of the grounds, if they are clean and waste-free, and don’t be scared to ask some of the present tenants about their experience.If you are still not sure about your selection, several organizations are dedicated to rating campgrounds, such as AAA, Trailer Life, Woodall’s and Wheelers. Check their ratings online to see what they think about the campground you are considering. According to www.about.com, AAA “maintains a continuous program to examine and evaluate every campground listed in its AAA CampBooks. Unfortunately, only Private camps are typically rated, but as we mentioned earlier, public camps are reliably consistent.

Still lost? We can help you decide where to stay!