You Need A Yamaha Generator For Your RV

One thing RVers simply can’t live without is a good power generator. One of the very best generators that PPL Motorhomes carries is made by Yamaha. With multiple options to choose from these portable Yamaha Generators use inverter technology which allow for a smaller and much more light weight generator. Yamaha generators are ideal for camping, hunting, fishing and even at home. Basically, anywhere you need reliable power with minimal noise, you are going to want to have a Yamaha generator.


One of the really great features about Yamaha generators is that they are very quiet. That’s a huge plus when you are trying to enjoy a conversation with your neighbor and don’t have to shout over the noise of most generators. These portable generators have Yamaha’s ‘Noise Block’, which is a series of sound absorbing materials including molded cases,  fiberglass insulation, an intake silencer, plus Yamaha has newly designed fans and mufflers that really cut down on noise and improve the performance of the generators.

If you are looking for a new generator for your RV, PPL Motorhomes highly suggests that you check out the Yamaha generator series. With multiple models to choose from, we’re certain to have one that is right for your needs. Just give us a call.