Give Your RV’s A/C A Little TLC

I’m not sure if you’ve put any thought into the type of use and abuse you put your RV’s air conditioner unit through. Think about it, your air conditioning unit has to tolerate road vibrations, the occasional voltage drop – all while you still expect it to keep you freezer cold during the summer months and comfortable during Spring and Fall. With just a little TLC you can extend the life of your RV’s A/C considerably. It doesn’t take much either, having a reliable maintenance guy and a little cleaning means a lot in the long run.

Now, I know this is the Winter season, and you might not be using your A/C (well, if you are in Houston you probably are) so it’s a great time to perform any maintenance you may need before the hotter RV months hit. Here’s our good friend Terry Cooper, also know as The RV Professor with a video about troubleshooting your RV A/C.

Here’s a hint that you already know, but probably don’t think about. Parking your RV in direct sunlight means the heat absorbed by the coach may make it difficult for the air conditioner to keep interior temperature at set levels. Here are a few tips that can improve cooling efficiency.

  • Choose a campsite that offers shade
  • Install aluminum, bubble-style insulation Yin your windows, skylights and vents. Keep in mind that large wind-shields transfer a great amount of heat to the interior of the Coach.
  • Keep baggage doors closed when possible to help reduce the amount of heat penetrating through the floor.
  • Try to limit the number of times you open and close the entry door.

If you are experiencing problems with the A/C unit in your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel you are probably going to want to have a qualified RV service professional take a look at it. Working on your A/C unit can be a difficult and dangerous task, so your best bet is to have a pro look at it. Get it done now, because when it gets hotter out, you know you’ll be kicking yourself if you put off having your RV’s A/C serviced.