Use Your Noodle – Hint From RV Nana


And you thought “Noodles” were just for the swimming pool.  On a recent RV trip we met the nicest couple from Conroe, Texas all because I liked their “Noodles”.  For years we have enjoyed our fifth-wheel, but my husband and I both have hit our heads on the edges of the front slide-outs.

The “Noodle” saves the day.. and our noggins!  No, this is not something you can buy at the RV Parts Superstore… it’s from the dollar store.

Simply cut two 12″ lengths of a swimming Noodle and cut a slit on one side all the way through to the center core to slip over the edge of the slide-out corners.  Make sure you remove before you close the slides.  A money saving hint that will also save your head!

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  • I also cut 2 smaller pieces for the vertical. I also cut pieces for the latches on the front jacks. Our dog likes to cut corners and cut too clase and tore his side open on the larch.

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