Time To Turn On Your RV Air Conditioners

Before you decide to turn on the A/C in your RV for the first time this season, take a few minutes to do a little maintenance that can save you money and help you keep your cool.

Here’s a maintenance checklist:

  • Go up on the roof and check the unit for dirt, debris and mud daubers.  All of these prevent the unit from cooling properly.
  • While you are up there, check your A/C shroud to make sure it has not been cracked or broken or just brittle from being baked in the sun.
  • Using an AC fin comb to make sure the cooling coil fins (Fins located to the rear of the A/C’s upper unit) are not creased or flattened.  It is really important that the air flows freely into the unit.  We found a great product, Zep Air Conditioner Coil Cleaner, that actually cleans and deodorizes the cooling coils.
  • Remove and clean all filters.  These can be cleaned with a small vacuum cleaner or brush, rinsed and then you can use them again.  Make sure they are dry before replacing them in the unit.  It is recommended that these filters be checked on a monthly basis.

These few easy steps can make a real difference in the efficiency of your RV air conditioners.  If you need anymore assistance with this or other RV questions, leave a comment!

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