If you are anything like me, you do the absolute best you can to minimize your “footprint” and leave as little waste behind at campsites and RV parks as possible. This is a new and amazing product and one that RVers, tailgaters and homeowners can all use.  This simple refillable kit keeps thousands of empty bottle out of the landfills and saves you money.  

The Problem: Tens of millions of disposable 1 lb propane cylinders are manufactured and sold each and every year. You spend around $3.00+ per cylinder, just to be able to use about $0.30 worth of propane in the cylinder.  When finished with them, how do you get rid of them? You either sneak them into your garbage bins, since it is considered Hazmat waste and cannot go into regular recycling, or you call your local Hazardous Waste hauler. Most people leave them behind at the parks where they used them or accumulate a pile of them in their garage. Some people buy adapters to refill them, which is not only illegal, but also dangerous, as they are not manufactured to be refilled.

LITTLE KNOWN ‘DIRTY SECRET’: The 1 lb disposable cylinders left behind at parks or shipped to HHW waste sites, still need to be disposed of. Those parks and municipalities pay around $2.00/pc for specialized companies to come and get rid of them. That means not only did you spend all that money to buy a disposable item on the front end, but your tax dollars are being spent to dispose of them on the back end as well! There has to be a better way, and we at Flame King are bringing that solution to you!

THE SMARTER ALTERNATIVE : The kit comes with one empty 16.4 oz refillable cylinder, refill stand, key and easy refill device.  Extra cylinders sold here.

  • SAVE MONEY Refill costs are much less expense than disposable propane tanks.
  • REDUCE WASTE Your Refillable 1 Lb propane tanks will reduce the HAZMAT problem and not end up in landfills.
  • SAVE TIME Refill in the comfort of your backyard. It’s so easy to do! Refill them in just FOUR easy steps! Compatible with any appliance that uses a 1 lb propane cylinder!

What’s the best part? The Flame King 1 lb Refillable Cylinder + Refill kit pays for itself! You spend around $3.00+ per cylinder, just to be able to use about $0.30 worth of propane in the cylinder. Refill these cylinders for under $1.00 a piece. Buy two or three refillable cylinders and you?ll celebrate your choice to save money and reduce pollution. Be sure to join the next generation of campers, BBQ cooks and tailgate party chefs who choose to re-use. Show your love for the environment! Choose the bright green solution for cooking outdoors!


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