Summer = Snakes

I was sent this great article by Texas Parks And Wildlife and found it excellent information for those of us who LOVE the outdoors, but HATE the thought of snakes. Really, most of that fear is unfounded and based mostly on a lack of understanding. So, I thought I’d share a little education with you.

“Summer = snakes. But don’t panic! Of about 80 species of snakes in Texas, only 12 are venomous, and 8 of those are rattlesnakes, which avoid people. 

If you see a snake, it probably isn’t a rattlesnake – though it may pretend to be one, like the hog-nosed snake (video). This is mimicry, when animals imitate their bigger, badder cousins as a form of self-defense. Some snakes even vibrate their tails to make you believe they have rattles! But their tails are silent, whereas a rattlesnake tail makes a buzzing noise.

Think twice before you kill a snake. It may be one of 12 threatened species, like the indigo, and illegal to hunt or kill. Also, snakes eat rats and mice and play a very important part in keeping our rodent populations in check. 

Snakes avoid confrontation, so if you happen upon one, give it space to run away (video). Watch where you walk, and don’t reach under rocks or logs or into dark holes. For more tips on sharing space with snakes in the wild, read our magazine story, “Snake Safety.”

Find all of the information you’d ever need to know about Texas snakes here.

So, the next time you come up on a snake, just let him go about his business taking care of pests and rodents. Chances are he’s non-venomous, but of course it’s also wise to just use an abundance of caution.

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