Our Easter Weekend at Lake Texana

While at Lake Texana enjoying our Easter weekend, we met Doug and Kay R., a wonderful couple from Conroe Texas. They were closing up their fifth wheel preparing to cut their RV weekend short by a few days because their Duotherm roof AC unit had gone out and it was just too hot to stay. Within a few minutes my husband and I were on the phone calling Boyde at PPL’s RV Parts Superstore to see how we could help this couple. My daughter and her husband were about to leave Houston to come meet us at the RV park so they detoured by PPL and picked up a new AC.

Within minutes Doug and Kay were telling everyone at the campground about this strange turn of events and when the kids pulled up with the AC on the truck you could hear the cheers for miles. Then came the fun part, a real opportunity to meet our neighbors at the park. Within minutes all our RV neighbors were either helping or cheering the guys on! My husband had described to Doug how easy it would be for the guys to install the AC, but all of us had forgotten about having to hoist a 104 pound AC unit up to the top of the RV. Thank heavens for my son-in-law and the young man at the next campsite. They backed our truck up as close as possible to the back of the RV and stair stepped the unit up to the bed of the truck, onto the tool box and then with one great big push and a lots of strength from my son in law, this team of 5 excited RVers had the unit on the roof. Amazing! Then, with the help of all of the guys, they connected it and…VOILA…it worked! (It takes 5 RV owners to do the job of one RV technician, but I bet these guys had more fun and their stories were better)


We all spent the next few days rehashing the events of the day and talking about how no one would ever believe us when we tell this story. It was fun and very rewarding, not to mention the greatest reward of all was the terrific pies Kay baked for us that evening in her cool RV. This is where the old line comes from about “Meeting lifelong friends in your RV.” We will all travel together again soon. Enjoy the RV lifestyle.

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