Houston, cover your RV Vents to the Maxx


It is a wonderful day here in Houston, Texas.  We actually saw raindrops for the first time in months and it was a real blessing.  One of our customers stopped by to chat about the mess in her travel trailer thanks to these thunderstorms…and by “mess” she meant “water”. Unfortunately, her issue was an all too common problem that I’ve heard many times before. She and her husband, like many RV owners, had left all of their vents open to relieve some of the heat in the vehicle while it was just sitting in storage (not covered storage) and she now has a big stain on her recliner from the rain. Not really what she had in mind when they retrieved their RV from storage.  My first thought was, “Wow. That’s terrible”. Whereupon my second thought was immediately, “Boy, am I glad I have MaxxAir vent covers on my 5th wheel”!  I always leave my vents open to keep some circulation in the RV and without a doubt, these have saved me and my interior on several occasions.


Easy to install, these MaxxAir vent covers allow you to have your vent while driving down the road and even during a rain storm.  Yes, a blowing rain will still come in the vent so you do need to pay attention, but it sure is nice to have that ventilation.  So call or stop by PPL’s RV Parts Superstore and find the perfect little vent umbrella for your RV.   Just a little thought to help you keep cool and dry!


If you have any questions or comments, give RV Nana a call! I’d be happy to help you with MaxxAir vents covers.

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