Dump Soup The Best Cold Weather RV Meal


Cassidy/Flickr Creative Commons

Here in Texas, cold Winter weather can be unpredictable. Sometimes it snows, but most of the time we get ice and sleet. I guess it really depends on what part of the state you live in. Most Texans I know can put up with the Summer heat, but shutter themselves inside at even the thought of freezing weather. I tend to be one of those folks so, I have the easiest recipe ever for a cold night at the campground.  I call it my dump soup.  So easy and so good, it will warm those old bones up and only requires a few ingredients.

1 pound groud meat

1 package Taco seasoning mix

1 can of rotell

1 can of ranch beans or black beans

2 cans of Progresso Minestrone soup. 


Brown the ground meat. (sometimes I add onions and peppers while browning).  Add taco seasoning and the remaining ingredients and let it simmer a few minutes.  It’s that easy. It is extra delicious served with some sour cream, grated cheese and onions (like Chili). However, I like it best with cornbread. Even Fritos work well, too!!! You really can’t go wrong.

Stay warm, friends!