Do I need a trailer braking system? In a word: “YES”.

Now, I’m not usually one for trying to scare people into buying products for their RVs or, in this case, their tow vehicle…except for right now.

Nightmare Scenario #1: How would you have liked to have been surprised with this shocker? RVers who would visit Alaska have to drive through Canada to get there. That’s not a big deal, it’s beautiful country. What is a big deal is that you obey the laws and regulations of the country you are visiting. In the late 1990’s, several RVers got to the Canadian border and were subsequently asked if they had braking assist devices on their tow vehicles. If they didn’t they had disconnect their tow vehicle and drive it separately through Canada. Of course this is a huge inconvenience and thus started the braking system boom.

Nightmare Scenario #2: You have an accident and have no tow vehicle brake assistance device in your tow vehicle. That tow vehicle then ends up in the rear living quarters of your RV because of the wonders of physics. Not really much to say here except, “I wish we got that auxiliary braking system for the tow vehicle’.

Luck for you, we’ve made a video to help explain a little more. Check out PPL’s training video with the towing expert Jeff Hostetler. Jeff talks about why you need an auxiliary braking system and the ins and outs of the new Brake Buddy Select II and Classic II.

In all seriousness though, safety is our number one concern as RVers. We understand that we are either driving or towing something very large and potentially hazardous to us and those we share the road with. Having an auxiliary brake system in your tow vehicle is just a smart thing to have. RV Nana recommends either the Select II or Classic II from Brake Buddy.

Trust me, knowing I have a Brake Buddy in my tow vehicle is one less thing I have to stress about. Isn’t that the point of RVing anyway?

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