Should I Still Get My Flu Shot

Flickr Creative Commons/NHS Employers


“Should I still get my flu shot”; I thought to myself after being a real Nana to a few flu stricken employees and family during the 2018 Houston RV Show.

The answer is immediately, “Yes”!

Now, before I go any further, I am not a medical authority. Ask your GP, or nurse, and I’m pretty sure they will tell you the exact same thing I will.

The flu is in full swing and has been recorded as one of Texas’ worst flu seasons of all time! I know we Texans like to brag, but certainly not about that.

So why get a flu shot? “Isn’t too late”? “I made it this far, I think I’m in the clear”. And my favorite misconception, “But, when I get a flu shot, I still get the flu. I think they give it to me”.  I’ll address these points individually, and try to be a Nana for everyone too.

“Isn’t too late?”: No, it’s not too late. The flu is still going strong and there are multiple strains. Meaning that you may have conquered one strain only to get hit with a second. Or worse, contract both at the same time. There have been more deaths this year cause by the flu than ever. Of course, the very young and the elderly are the most susceptible to experience more severe symptoms. That being said, the flu has now been blamed for the death of a young Fort Worth  woman a few weeks ago.

“I made it this far, I think I’m in the clear”: No, you’re not. Just because you were lucky enough to avoid contracting the virus, doesn’t mean you are immune. If you still don’t believe me, re-read the paragraph above.

“But, when I get a flu shot, I still get the flu. I think they give it to me”: First of all, there are no live flu cultures that are in a flu shot. That is a pretty big misconception and likely the one to keep people from getting their flu shot. The vaccination isn’t supposed to necessarily protect you from the flu, but it makes the symptoms and recovery much easier. Which means that there is less of a chance for that flu to cause other ailments like walking pneumonia, for example.

So you see, it’s not about you not contracting the flu, it’s meant to keep it from making short work of your immune system which, quite literally, could mean passing away. The flu is still out there and is still pretty severe.  I don’t know about you folks, but I’m not good with that. I mean, I’m as stubborn as anyone when it comes to going to get a needle jabbed into my arm, but if that tiny little needle means a quicker recovery, just point me to the closest pharmacy!

Get your flu shots! Your RV Nana says so!