Bees Can Turn A Fun Trip Into A RV Nightmare

Do you know what can turn a fun trip into a RV nightmare? Bees. That’s right, RV Nana says to watch out for those crazy bees when you’re at a campsite.  Bees, mosquitoes and ants can all be a part of our camping experiences. We’ve all seen them, dealt with them and the fun of the RVing experience far outweighs these pesky creatures.  Last weekend we were enjoying a fun weekend with the family at the lake when my husband bit down into his sandwich and, much to his surprise, a bee had already started chowing down on his meal.  He did not see the bee and the next thing he knew, it was in his mouth and actually stung the roof of his mouth.  Bees are a painful, but tolerable problem unless you’re allergic to them.  Fortunately, he was not allergic, but he was extremely uncomfortable with a swollen mouth, nose and aching teeth.
The moral of this story is “watch what you’re eating and drinking.  The park ranger told us this happens often when people take a sip out of a coke can and end up with a mouth full of bees.  In fact, you know those German beer steins that have the flip lids on them? They were actually attached to the beer mugs to keep the bees out of their beer!

Now, we all know that Benadryl is great for helping us control the body’s reaction to a bee sting, but I have heard all sorts of home remedies to take the fire out of the sting… and none can be used internally!  One person told me to spray a bite with WD 40, another suggested meat tenderizer and another suggested using deodorant.  Now that we have had this experience, I decided to do some homework and research on what to do to prevent bee stings and I found these great suggestions at http://tipnut.com/quick-tip-bee-sting-relief/.

Whatever your remedy, just make sure you have something on hand to help with the reaction from a bee sting. As RVers, we have to be a little creative to deal with some of the elements we encounter.  There is still nothing better than the RV lifestyle.