RV Clutter: How to Keep It Down

It’s really easy for an RV to start collecting clutter during an outing. Before you know it, without staying on top of things, you are going to end up with an uncomfortable and cluttered RV. A cluttered RV can drive any person mad and make you feel very unorganized.  Take back control of your RV!  You will find some simple way to help you de-clutter below….
1. Multiple Use Items – when you do buy new things for the RV make a rule that it must do more than just one thing
2. Go Paperless- Pay your bills online and/or any banking as much as you can this will allow you to minimize your paper clutter
3. Collapse-able Items – Try to get items that are easy to disassemble it will make it easier for storage
4. Use the One In/One Out rule. The concept is to dispose of one thing once something new is brought into the RV. Things add up very easily and this will also add to the weight which you must be mindful of.5. Utilize your outside storage more efficiently.  Use plastic bins with lids to keep your items safe.
6. Use decorative leather baskets and containers to keep remotes, cameras, glasses, pens, etc. in. This will make it more convenient to access items and them away while traveling.
7.  Quarterly Cleaning – This will make it easy to access and put away highly used items as well as secure them while traveling! We recommend decluttering and cleaning out the RV four times a year, or just twice a year if not a full-time RVer.   When cleaning create piles of items that you haven’t used in the last 3 months and donate them. I know this can be hard, but more than likely if you haven’t used the stuff in past three months, then you won’t miss it. Further, if you are looking to put your RV on consignment any time soon, you are going to want to keep your RV as clean as possible.

There are a lot of ways to reduce clutter and to stay organized so please share with us what you do!