Working From Your Home on Wheels

Commute to work? No, thank you.
Oran Viriyincy/Flickr Creative Commons

It really goes without saying that one of the best jobs you can have is one that simply doesn’t feel like a job. Obviously, for most people that isn’t the case. Many toil away in misery as they squeeze out just enough money to pay for the necessities of life. At the same time, others may be earning large salaries, but may be missing out on the simple joys of life. 

So, what do you do? What is the happy medium? How can you earn your keep and not watch life pass you by? “Workamping”. It’s a real thing and it might be easier than you think. All it takes is a little creativity and a little more courage.

Being in the RV parts and sales industry for so long has put me in the unique position of talking to many RVers who have learned how to work on the road. Many of the workampers I talk to these days do IT work, marketing, or social media management. Some people like Marc & Julie Bennet have turned their passion for RVing into a wonderful YouTube channel with sponsors that help them continue their journey. Follow their channel RV Love TV, it’s great!

But, you don’t have to be a YouTube maverick to earn a living from your RV. Just recently, I met a couple who have taken their passion for baseball card collecting on the road with them.  They met at a baseball game over 50 years ago and still love to visit baseball stadiums in their travels. They know all of the stats about baseball of yesteryear and today. Why not make what they love doing into a source of income to fund the rest of their visits? Now they set up a sports memorabilia shows and sell baseball trading cards. They combined that with their second passion: garage sales and flea market shopping.  They never pass up an opportunity to go dig through a small antique store for that special find.  So, they have taken their love for baseball, garage sales and RVing and are living a life they’ve dreamed of!

I guess the point is, life is too short to be stuck behind a desk, or in a cubicle. If you have a passion in life, can you monetize it? If you have a love for travel and RVing how can you turn that into a lifestyle? Think outside of the box. There are plenty of people who live out of their RVs and make a living working for campgrounds, casinos and retail stores. Best of all, they support your lifestyle of being on the road and traveling from city to city. Some are long-term commitments, some are just a couple of weeks. 

If you’re seriously thinking about quitting that office job and heading out in your RV as a full-time RVer, definitely keep Workamper.com and WorkampingJobs.com in your bookmarks. They might just be the perfect resource so restart your life working on the road in your RV.