Tired of That Old RV Mattress

Tired of that old RV mattress? Looking to replace it with one that isn’t so uncomfortable that you wake up in pain? Need something more firm? Maybe you need a mattress for your RV that is on the softer side? 

Well, let me warn you now:  be careful when you decide to just pop on in to the local discount mattress store and buy a new one.  I found out the hard way and can speak from experience; it’s not the best idea.  Many RV mattresses are a little shorter than a standard home mattress. 

Now, on some beds that may not matter, but when it’s on a bed in a slide out room, be sure the slides will close with the new mattress.  We had a beautiful Montana and the mattress we bought was about 4 inches too long.  When we closed the slide it buckled because it hit the built in dresser.  It was a simple problem with a big “non-refundable” headache. 

PPL sells Denver mattresses and they are made for the RVs.  Measurements are so important because you have to think beyond the household standards of twin, full, queen and king.  That tape measure is a valuable tool, so break it out and use it. Then, when you are ready to replace that old uncomfortable RV mattress, give PPL Motor Homes a call and we can help you find the right mattress for you AND your RV.