Wineguard Mobile App For Carryout Anser Antenna

Of the myriad of great and wonderful things that RVing brings to my life, pointing and setting the reception of our Wineguard Carryout Anser antenna isn’t necessarily one of them. It isn’t that it’s terribly difficult to use, on  the contrary, the Carryout Anser is an amazing antenna. The fact remains that finding the right elevation for any dish, or antenna can be a moderate pain. For many RVers, myself included, trying to use elevation maps, or searching for the right elevation by trial and error can be frustrating at times.

Well, the days of what I lovingly refer to as “point and pray” are over thanks to the new Wineguard Mobile App for the Carryout Anser antenna. Finding your satellite zenith is now easier than ever. This free app takes ALL of the guesswork out of finding the right elevation to set your Carryout Anser to. It uses the GPS in your smart phone to calculate the exact elevation, which means you can start enjoying a clean and clear satellite reception in a matter of minutes.

The app allows you to choose the satellite service you use and start watching your favorite programs in just 3 easy steps.

1. Choose the Elevation Guide.

2. Choose your provider. You can choose from DIRECTV, dish or Bell.

3. Choose the satellite you are trying to receive.

You’re done! It really is that easy. There’s nothing to it! This great new app will tell you the correct elevation to set on your Carryout Anser and then all you have to do is rotate it to the correct elevation and lock it. There you go, enjoy your shows!

There is no doubt that this app is big time-saver and will keep you from pulling your hair out when trying to search for your satellite signal. It’s super-easy to use, but if you have questions there is a help number you can call which will put you in direct contact with Wineguard. It also has a Wineguard dealer finder if ever needed while you are out on the road.

If you already have, or are considering getting a Wineguard Carryout Asner antenna, I highly recommend adding this app to your smart phone. For further questions concerning the satellite itself, or for any other RV parts or accessories, feel free to call us here at PPL Motorhomes, or visit our PPL Motorhomes locations in Houston and New Braunfels.