Go On A Texas Wine Tour In Your RV

What can I say about Texas wine? Except that it’s…AMAZING!  If there’s one thing that many people don’t know about Texas, it’s that the climate is “ripe” for growing the grapes suitable for making wine. (Yes, I used that pun.) In fact, Texas is a huge producer of wines and has been doing so for centuries! Texas has 24 wineries that can be found all the way from Lampasas to New Braunfels. You may not know this either, but Texas is the second most popular wine destination in the country, second only to Napa Valley and Sonoma in California.

Every winery is unique here in Texas. We have some very large wineries, and some very small ones that only produce a few thousand cases per year. Regardless of it’s size, one of the great things about taking a winery tour is that, in many cases, you will be touring family owned facilities. In fact, the owner of the winery may even be giving the tour. Of course, there’s the tastings that make taking a tour pretty nice as well.

Want to plan a Texas Wine Trail RV trip of your own? Check out GoTexan’s YouTube channel below for just a few of the amazing wine destinations.

Also, don’t just plan on making this a one day trip either. Take two, or three days in your RV to fully explore the wonderful wines and wineries Texas has to offer. From the Dallas Wine Trail, to the Bluebonnet Trail and everything in between, you are certain to find some fabulous wines and make a lot of friends in the process.

However, wine connoisseurs, or not, exploring Texas is like exploring a whole other country. Why not jump in you RV and check it out for yourself? You can start your adventure right now in a consignment RV from PPL Motorhomes in Houston, or PPL Motorhomes in New Braunfels.


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