Why You Need to Join the Texas Recreational Vehicle Association

The Texas Recreational Vehicle Association in Austin, TX, was founded in 1974 by Texas dealers who saw a bright future for the industry.

One of the most important functions of TRVA is our government relations work. TRVA works successfully with the Texas Legislature and the many state agencies which regulate its members to promote and protect the interests of the RV industry. TRVA also works in cooperation with the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association, RVDA, and the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, RVIA, to monitor and influence issues of importance to the RV industry in the U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate and the various federal agencies which regulate the RV industry. That means TRVA can keep members informed of both proposed and new regulatory or statutory changes that will affect the RV industry.

The TRVA is an important part of the community of RV dealers in Texas.  They help the consumer by controlling licensing on dealerships and that helps the consumer to know they are dealing with a licensed dealer when making their purchases.  They are constantly endorsing and providing training for the dealers and have been a huge supporter of Terry Cooper’s school.   Although they are a dealer group formed to support the dealers, they are also supporting the consumer in many ways. For example, TRVA employs two full-time lobbyists to work on behalf of its members and has an attorney with more than 35 years of motor vehicle industry experience as a resource. A recent legislative effort pushed by TRVA on behalf of both RV dealers and owners alike, was a new 5 year license for towables.  So now when you purchase a towable you can now pay for a 5 year license so you do not have to worry about the annual renewal.  In addition, we have worked closely with TADA, local and state tax collectors and TXDMV to make licensing simpler for all in Texas. 

As a past President of TRVA, I understand the work that goes on behind the scenes.  We all work very hard to support the RV lifestyle.  From dealers to banks, insurance companies, parts suppliers, RV manufacturers and advertising companies to campgrounds, we want to help the RV enthusiast live the RV lifestyle.  It takes all of us working together to promote and support this great lifestyle and the members I have met during my 35+ years at PPL Motorhomes and the relationships we have built are priceless. 

On a very personal note, I have experienced the wonder of these relationships first hand when I lost my late husband.  The word traveled fast and so did the TRVA members.  When my kids and I turned around to leave the chapel after the service, we were amazed by the large number of TRVA members, friends, who were there for us.  My late husband, Mike, was never in the industry, but they knew him through my work and dedication. 

So why should you join the Texas Recreational Vehicle Association? Because TRVA is more than just an association, for me and many others, the members and leadership are more like family…and I don’t say that lightly. That speaks volumes!