What Not To Do While RVing

A funny story….we were talking a few weeks about things that bother you about other campers.  Things you should not do and do not want others to do.  One of my customers told me a story about their outdoor kitchen.  Most RVers have seen that the outdoor kitchens are, in many cases, outdoor bars and they are well stocked accordingly.  One of my customers discovered, when opening their outdoor kitchen, that a neighbor had left them a note.  In the empty spot where the bloody mary mix and vodka bottle had been was a very nice note explain that the stores were closed when they discovered they were out of Vodka, so they grabbed his.  They also said they would replace it the next afternoon.  OK guys, for my friend he had a disappointing bloody mary morning.  This is one of those things on the top of the don’t do list!!!  I never heard if the neighbor had the nerve to confess and bring a new bottle.