Thanksgiving in an RV


Tim Sackton/Flickr Creative Commons

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’m sure the question has popped into your head: “How am I gonna cook Thanksgiving dinner in my RV?”. Knowing that your RV has smaller appliances and counter space than your kitchen probably scares you a little bit, too. But not to worry, there are plenty of things you can do to make your turkey day go off without a hitch.

I’ve heard of many RVers who have cooked a turkey in their crock-pot!

This will free up your stove and allow you to cook side dishes while your turkey is being cooked. One that I recommend is the Roasted Yams and Apples recipe. Since you’re not using your stove-top just yet, there are a couple of great recipes out there for green beans and a curried butternut squash and apple soup that would be a cinch to make in your RV. Minimal ingredients and a small amount of space taken up.

Some people like to deep fry their turkeys, which is great, because you can do that outside! That just leaves more space inside for you to cook side dishes and desserts. Be sure to bring enough fryer oil to cook with!

If baked turkey is your thing, then I recommend buying turkey breasts at the supermarket. They are more compact than a whole turkey and you can buy a few packages worth and stick them in your freezer.

If you carry a grill with you when you go traveling, you can always grill a turkey on it! You may have to take the top warmer shelf out to get the whole turkey in there, but a 4-burner grill should accommodate a smaller turkey.

Always think ahead when preparing a big meal in your RV, take all the ingredients you can, then stop by the grocery store for the additional items.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy RVing!


  1. Sam Todaro

    I have enjoyed your blog. I was wondering if you could speak to RV or motor home for my daughter-n-law who has a sensitivity to chemicals and they think Colorado is where they may move. So we are thinking what would be best?

    1. ppladmin (Post author)

      I am not the expert on sensitivity, Sam, but I will throw this out as a question on the RV show and ask them. Check out The RV Show USA on Facebook Wednesdays at 7:00 https://www.facebook.com/TheRVShowUSA
      There are lots of good topics of conversation. I’d pose your question to them as well. A bunch of knowledgeable folks participate on that show.

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