What Exactly is Glamping?

There’s a certain appeal to camping and RVing. The escape from everyday responsibilities, exploring someplace new, getting out of your element, and enjoying a night by the campfire. With that being said, there’s a new craze taking hold in the adventure seekers world. It’s called “glamping”, quite literally “glamorous camping”. Gone are the drab tents, dirty campsites, and your “average” RV. With RVing, you’re traveling in, and living in something that is yours. Glamping aims to get you out of that familiarity and into a lavish and unique environment with comfortable amenities.

The good news is that when you travel with an RV, you’re afforded all of the luxuries of some of the highest-end glampers out there. After all, you’re hauling around a living space full of all of the creature comforts of home. All you really need now is few additional items and you can glamp in style!

Outdoor furniture is an integral part of the glamping lifestyle. Comfortable, plush, well-made outdoor furniture that you can sink into and spend some quality time in. No cheap plastic chairs here! Only the best will do!  Another addition to consider is a hammock. What better way to watch the sunset than in a comfy hammock with pillows? Maybe even a blanket if it’s chilly? Spare no expense if you’re serious about living the high life out on the road. Eliminate plasticware, paper cups and plates. Take the time to find the freshest ingredients for your gourmet dinners instead of frozen pre-made entrees. Pamper yourself with the finest linens and bedding for tthe utmost in comfort. Glamping is all about taking you out of your element and into a higher standard of living. All the things that you wish you could have in your house, can all be taken with you for your travels. The options are limitless!

Oh, and decorate, decorate, decorate! It’s your RV, so make it truly YOUR RV! Let the inner interior and exterior designer loose and you’ll quickly be the talk and the envy of the park. Nothing excites me more than seeing a decked out RV that is a true reflection of the RVers personality and style. Need some ideas? Call PPL Motorhomes!

There are so many ways to transform your normal RV experience into  I realize that there’s a big difference between RVing and glamping, but I think it sounds like a great vacation and it’d definitely be something different and unique. What do you think about the idea of glamping in your RV?