Nana’s Going to Galveston

LORDAMERCY the weather folks say it supposed to be in the 80’s and 90’s today! And it’s only mid-March! Tell you what I’m going to do folks, I’m going throw my hands up and head to Galveston! From here in Houston it’s a mere hop, skip, and jump down I-45 to the closest beach we have. Believe it or not, Galveston has recovered from Hurricane Ike and Rita, the town and state has done a massive job in rebuilding the beaches, so I thought today we could do a refresher on Galveston because it may have been awhile since you headed thataway.


Katie Haugland/Flickr Creative Commons

Beaches: Yep, they have them. Stewart Beach, Jamaica Beach, East Beach, all the usual suspects are in fine form and back up and running.

Historical Home Tours: Yes Sir, they have these as well. If you would like to see some of the homes that survived The Great Storm (1900) and every Hurricane since from Allen, Alicia, and Andrew to Katrina, Ike and Rita you should definitely have a gander at these gems in Galveston’s crown. A lot of the homes were built before, during, or right after the Civil War and are going on 150+ years old. It’s like the French Quarter over in New Orleans, hard to believe such a young country as ourselves has such old amazing architecture…and STILL occupied!

The Strand: Galveston’s historic waterfront on the channel-side of the island. Antiques galore, margaritas galore, seafood galore, and breathe that ocean air people!

RV Park/Campgrounds: Oh yes they do! Matter of fact Tiki Tom’s RV Community right there on Tiki Island as you approach the causeway is a wonderful place to stay. They have oyster reefs, 4 lighted and loooooooong fishing piers, a marina and boat slips, elevated deck, 30 or 50 amp, wifi…everything you need to enjoy your island stay. Now that I think of it, this may be the best place to go in the next couple weeks as Spring Break hits the Gulf Coast. Tiki Tom’s should be outside the blast radius, ha!

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