There’s An RV For Everyone; The Bicycle Camper

It has been said that necessity is the Mother of Invention. In this case, it’s a bicycle camper. I just thought that this was a really neat idea thought up by minimalist inventor, Paul Elkins. Just looking through his portfolio on his web site and you can’t help but be a little inspired by his ingenuity and workmanship.

In this case, he made a bicycle drawn camper for the Burningman Event held yearly in Nevada. Every year the event has a theme and the theme for the year he built this was “Fear of the Future”. What if we suddenly had to scramble for survival? What would you create for shelter if you only had a moderate amount of building materials? It really is an interesting idea.

His camper obviously wasn’t designed for road use, however, it did provide him with adequate shelter (and meager amenities) while he attended the event. Take a look at the video below as he explains his thoughts and the design work of his camper.

What do you think about this camper? Pretty smart, huh? Really inspiring, Paul! Have any of you attempted to build anything similar? You know PPL Motorhomes is one of the largest RV parts distributors in the US… you might want to try to build your own camper to pedal around the RV park!